Gábor Vona, chairman of Jobbik invited foreign journalists and representatives of embassies to an international press conference in Budapest on Friday. Firstly, he gave a detailed analysis on the current political situation in Hungary, then he talked about his party’s program and finally answered questions. In his speech he declared that Jobbik is ready to govern Hungary. Our report on the event.

Only Jobbik can replace Fidesz

Jobbik is at present the second most supported party in Hungary and regularly holds meetings and conferences for international press and representatives of foreign embassies. This Friday Jobbik-leader Gábor Vona started his speech by a detailed analysis of the political situation in Hungary. He stated that socialist leader László Botka’s resignation means only Jobbik can replace Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Fidesz-KDNP coalition in the election of 2018.

Although Fidesz is leading the opinion polls many have already become estranged from the party and PM Orbán – said Vona. He emphasised that

the government has become totally antidemocratic in the past years.

To start with, government uses authorities like the State Audit Office of Hungary to weaken Jobbik and make it give up its successful outdoor media campaign. In addition, the government has launched attacks against Central European University, foreign NGOs and it has successfully hindered all referendums that can threaten its position.

Jobbikis ready to govern Hungary
Jobbik’s International Press Conference – 27. 10. 2017.
Photo: Balázs Béli

Vona declared that Jobbik has become a people’s party and all party members unanimously agreed with that decision. Thus, he stated that Jobbik is ready to govern Hungary.

New compromise – no more divisions

Speaking about the 2018 election, Vona stated that his party has a complete and professional program. In contrast, Fidesz’s program is only to provoke conflicts and hysteria.

In addition, regarding the government’s struggle against Brussels, PM Orbán is interested only in prolonging the problem, not in solving it. Moreover, PM Orbán is very happy if Brussels condemns Hungary in a case because that means Fidesz can uphold hysteria.

For this reason, Jobbik’s electoral program is based on a new compromise. In that leftish and rightist people no longer exist, only those who would like to strive for their country. He announced that the party will make public its electoral program at the moment the official electoral campaign begins. He added that, of course, it will be reachable in English.

Wage union aims to reform EU

A new economic approach has to be introduced in Hungary – said Vona. In addition,

the future Hungarian economy has to be innovative, competitive and productive. Moreover, it’s most important task is to accomplish the constant and rapid rise of wages

Furthermore, he emphasized that European citizen’s initiative wage union is not only about equalizing the salaries of the people living in Western- and Eastern-Europe, but it also aims to reform the European Union. You can find more information about Wage Union HERE.

Jobbik also presented a promotion video on wage union:

Jobbik-leader added that not only wages, but also both Hungarian health care and education system needs a total reform.

Foreign policy and Soros plan

Vona envisions Hungary’s future in a Visegrad Group (V4) that cooperates effectively. Furthermore, answering a journalist’s question, he stated that though Hungary is interested in a strong EU and a V4 acting in unison, it has to maintain close ties with Germany, Russia and Turkey due to geopolitical reasons. In addition, Hungary has to aim a good relationship towards the USA and China, as well. Answering another question, Jobbik-leader cleared that a good relationship with Russia is important. However, the government does not let the opposition to gain access to the files of Paks II nuclear plant built by Russia which results in considerable anxieties.

According to Vona, Orbán just wants to distract Hungarian people with the so called Soros plan. In addition, his only aim is to provoke hysteria.

Jobbik-leader cleared that he does not know about a Soros plan and he considers much more important to concentrate on real problems like migrant crisis or the exodus of Hungarians.

Jobbik will guide back Hungary to the right path

A journalist asked about Jobbik’s opinion on Budapest Pride and sexual minorities. Vona stated that it is not acceptable if protesters regularly and intentionally misuse Christian and Hungarian symbols. He added that sexual minorities have to respect others. However, government real attitude towards LMBTQ-people is clear by the fact that they try to accuse him with homosexuality in order to discredit him and gain some extra votes.

Finally, many journalists asked about the process of becoming a people’s party. Vona cleared that in the past few years his party and he himself have become mature enough to govern the country.

Thus, Jobbik will win the parliamentary elections of 2018 and it will guide back Hungary to the right path.

Photos: Balázs Béli

Source: Daily News Hungary

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