Bucharest, August 13 (MTI) – The leader of Hungary’s Jobbik has urged voters to participate in the upcoming referendum and vote against the European Union’s migrant quota system.

Speaking at a camp for young Hungarians in central Romania’s Gheorgheni (Gyergyószentmiklós), Gábor Vona insisted that leftist parties’ promoting a boycott of the referendum was “equal to treason” and warned that a referendum rendered invalid by low turnout could be used as a “weapon” by Brussels against the Hungarian government.

Vona said the referendum would be an opportunity for eastern Europe to decide if it wants “multi-culturalism under which Europe’s majority would be pressed to give up its identity, while a minority from outside Europe would come and retain their identity”.

Answering a question on another subject, Vona said that his party, if it wins a government position in 2018, would eliminate corruption in Hungary. He condemned the current and previous governments, and insisted that “the only difference” between them is that “the global corruption of the Left” has been replaced with “local corruption” associated with the ruling Fidesz party.

“If Jobbik wins power, Hungary will be a more democratic and free country,” Vona said.

Photo: alfahir.hu

Source: MTI

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