Lindy Shock
Photo: Shock 2017 summary video

At the end of October, the biggest swing dance event in Hungary is going to start in Budapest. Between October 29th and November 3rd, you can enjoy jazz music and swing dance in a uniquely special and spectacularly beautiful environment – in the capital city of Hungary, on the river Danube. 

Lindy Shock University is organised every year since 2007, hosted by Budapest. At the end of every October, the “Európa Hajó” (Boat Europe) is full of swing dancers, teachers, and big bands from all around the world. Budapest is one of the best cruise destinations as you can read about it here.

The boat is docked at Batthyány Square (on the Buda side of the capital), and for 6 days, it is on the move to take dancers back in time into the magical world of jazz music surrounded by the enthralling visual paradise of Budapest. 

Európa Hajó
Európa Hajó – Boat Europe

Do not take my word for it – take a look at the 2017 summary video of Lindy Shock in the jubilee year of the event.

Check out the website of the event here and its facebook page here to see the international big bands and dance artists, and to avoid missing any important information about the programme – you can also order tickets in advance there. Just to get a taste of it, watch this wonderful and entertaining video in one of our articles about swing dance in Budapest. See you in October! 


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