Brunszvik Castle

Hungary is often referred to as the land of waters. Szeretlekmagyarorszá assembled a list of 13 waterfronts in Hungary that are not so well-known, even though they are beautiful places to be. The list contains brook sides, lakeshores and beaches that are definitely worth visiting. The list aims to encourage travellers to think beyond Lake Balaton when it comes to a waterfront trip in Hungary.

The Gaja brook in Bakony

The Gaja brook is the most important watercourse in the Eastern part of the Bakony Mountains. Gaja brook also has the clearest water in the whole Bakony. The brook supplies the reservoir in Fehérvárcsurgó. The brook side is ideal for a romantic walk in the forest or for a quick stop for travellers to refresh themselves before continuing their journey.


The lake in the Brunszvik Castle’s park

The Brunszvik Castle’s park is one the most beautiful castle parks in the whole country. The famous composer, Ludwig van Beethoven was an admirer of the castle, and he was a recurring visitor as the Brunszvik daughters’ piano instructor. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful and huge park with a lake. You will feel like you are in a Brontë novel while you are walking around the lake.


Lake Szelid

Lake Szelid is an unusual salt lake formed from an old branch of the Danube. The lake is situated 4 km Southeast of Dunapataj. The lake, with a maximum width of 200 m and length of 4 km is only three meters deep on average. The lake warms very quickly in the summer. The medicinal salts have therapeutic effects, but the lake is also used for relaxation and fishing. There is a campsite nearby and a sandy beach on the Southern side of the lake.


Japanese garden in Szentendre

A Hungarian landscaper created the island of peace and harmony in the city of arts: Szentendre. Szentendre has a beautiful Japanese public garden on the bank of the Danube. The Japanese garden has a brook, a lake with goldfish and a garden pavilion.


Dunabogdány beach

Dunabogdány is a village halfway between Budapest and Esztergom. Dunabogdány has one of the most popular riverside beaches in the country. Lots of people come here during the summer. Unfortunately, in the colder months, the beach is ideal only for hikers and swans. Of course, you can have a great meal at Forgó Restaurant all year round which is near the beach.


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