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On this weekend: 2nd Hungarian Heritage Festival in New York

On this weekend: 2nd Hungarian Heritage Festival in New York

Twenty-three artists are traveling from Hungary to help create a festive traditional market atmosphere at the Hungarian House of New York in September during the 3-day long festival. On Saturday, September 9 from 10 am to 6 pm there will be a street festival with many interactive activities based on Hungarian traditional arts and crafts. The street fair will be located on 82nd street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, in front of the Hungarian House of New York. The festival will focus on Hungarian traditional arts and crafts, folk music and folk dance, however there will also exhibit of folk art-inspired works by some outstanding contemporary artists.

Date: September 8-10, 2017
Venue: Hungarian House of New York – 213 E 82 Street, New York, NY, 10028


Admission is free to all of the events.




Fina Aristic

7 p.m.

EXHIBITION OPENING: Hungarian Traditional Craftsmanship

Highlighted artist of the group exhibit is Ildiko Fekete egg painter, who will exhibit about 1000 decorated Easter eggs from 6 different region of the Carpathian Basin.

7 :30 p.m.


Mihály Dresch (saxophone), Chris Potter (saxophone), Joe Martin (bass) Gerald Cleaver (drum)

The festival will open with a unique concert by saxophonist Mihály Dresch, who has cultivated a unique mix of Hungarian folk music and jazz, along with world renowned jazz saxophone player Chris PotterJoe Martin on bass, and Gerald Cleaver on drums.

Tokaj wine tasting



from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

STREET FESTIVAL on East 82nd street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, in front of the Hungarian House of New York. The host of the event is Norbert Cimbi Kovács.


Üsztürü BandMarianna Nyitrai (vocal), Mihály Dresch (flute), and Levente Fazekas (violin) featuring folk dancers Norbert Cimbi Kovács and Hortenzia Lőrincz and the dancers of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble: György Ágfalvi, Andrea Lévay, Beatrix Borbély, Balázs Szoboszlai

Traditional Hungarian folk art presentations and interactive workshops for children and adults, with excellent Hungarian artists during the whole day.

Ildikó Fekete: egg painting

Attila Kovács: boot and leather making

Elemér Sümegi: violin making

Levente Lehel Sütő: furniture painting

Ildikó Tóth: blue-dying

Anna Vidák: feltmaking

Bernadett Zelei Pap: embroidering

Tokaj wine tasting of products from Furmint USA, and traditional Hungarian food

7:00 p.m.


Üsztürü Folk Music BandLevente Fazekas (violin), Marianna Nyitrai (vocal), Mihály Dresch (flute), and featuring folk dancersNorbert Cimbi Kovács and Hortenzia Lőrincz and the dancers of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble: György Ágfalvi, Andrea Lévay, Beatrix Borbély, Balázs SzoboszlaiMeyke Melinda Madarász designer

Üsztürü was founded in 1992 by young Hungarian musicians born in Transylvania and rooted in the communities where Hungarian folk music was still a living tradition. The members of the ensemble were able to learn and play with the last of the great masters of Transylvanian music. Through their many years of playing and studying with these folk artists and collecting their music, Üsztürü’s musicians have continued to carry on the tradition of Transylvanian Hungarian music.

One of the most outstanding Hungarian designers is Meyke Melinda Madarász, who will present fashions inspired by traditional ornamentation and modern design.

9:00 p.m.

FOLK DANCE PARTY with the Üsztürü Band and Marianna Nyitrai, dance teaching all night with Norbert Cimbi Kovács, Hortenzia Lőrincz and the dancers of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

During the street festival, the concert, and the folk dance party we will present the colorful Hungarian folk tradition from Sárköz to Székelyland. Special attention will be given to the folk art of Matyóland through Bernadett Zelei Pap’s embroideries, Meyke’s modern matyó dresses, and György Ágfalvi and Andrea Lévay’s matyó folk dance. Two Transylvanian regions will get special attention as well. Kalotaszeg will be represented by Meyke’s second dress collection and Attila Kovács’s embroidered boots.Székelyland, the homeland of the Üsztürü Band and the furniture painter Levente Lehel Sütő, is also the special region of interest for the folk dancers Norbert Kovács “Cimbi”, Hortenzia Lőrincz and Marianna Nyitrai.


from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

arts and crafts, folk dance, and folk music WORKSHOPS in the Hungarian House of New York thought by the guest artist of the festival

egg painting – furniture painting – blue-dying – feltmaking – embroidering – folk dance – folk music – folk singing

7:00 p.m.

CONCERT by pianist Éva Polgár: a selection of works by Liszt and Kodály

Pianist Éva Polgár is touring the United States with her solo program honoring Zoltán Kodály in Fall, 2017. The internationally acclaimed Hungarian composer and music pedagogue was born 135 years ago and died 50 years ago. After performing in New York City, Ms. Polgár continues her performances related to the Kodály Memorial Year in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

The repertoire includes piano works by Franz Liszt and Zoltán Kodály. The program will range from the popular Hungarian rhapsodies to famous folk dance melodies collected in the composition titled Dances of Marosszék.

Pianist Éva Polgár’s vibrant musical personality shines particularly through her devotion to contemporary music.

Source: Hungarian House of New York


  1. Edward

    SZIA! IGEN! Phenom! I made the trip from the Philly area with my Wife and Son and it was a blast. WE bought books, She got her hair braided, Purchased Felt, Shirts, Food and the Tokaji Wine is literally the best in the wolrd! Jo Jo Jo! A magyar örökségem az én vérömörgésemet végzi, és minden másodpercet szeretem. Alig várom, hogy Budapestre költözzem!

    Isten áldjon mindenkit és Isten áldjon Magyarországot!

  2. Vedo


    Isten áldja meg Edward, családom is van Phili-ban. csoda, ha ismerik őket 🙂

    God bless you Edward, i have family in Phili too. wonder if they know you 🙂

    Én Kanadai születésű vagyok, magyar állampolgár


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