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It is hard to estimate how many individuals left the country, but the number of people who left is not dramatic just yet, even though statistics revealed that many residents with a university degree started a new life somewhere else. The reason for the labour shortage in the country lies not in the number of emigration but in the operation of the Hungarian economic system.

Has the emigration in Hungary reached a turning point?

According to, it is really difficult to estimate a precise number because the trends of emigration change every day. Furthermore, there are people who leave the country but come back after a period of time; their percentage is approximately 50% among emigrants, but this does not mean that they do not go back to the country they have come from. Currently, there is a constant political debate about these people instead of an economic or professional one.

So far, Poland and the Baltic States grew bigger with Hungarian residents, but after the elections, new destinations became popular such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria.

Skilled workers usually emigrate to Germany and Austria while people with a university degree continue their studies in the UK. Although many changes happened in the country, the percentage of emigration is still not dramatic; say many experts. On the other hand, the number of emigrated students with a degree is the highest in Hungary among European countries.

What are the reasons behind this phenomenon?

According to many experts, the reasons are definitely not political but are connected to the average salaries and the cost of living in the country. These are, for example, job opportunities, workplaces, and the unseen future combined with the rapid increase of flat prices.

Political problems are stronger motivational factors to emigrate than economic ones.

The emigration process is usually connected to the labour market shortage of a country, but negative economical facts and problems are stronger reasons to influence people. In Hungary, it took a long time to synchronise the salaries with the labour market. Although the emigration of employees strongly influences emigration, the number of people who leave their jobs because of low salaries and the unfriendly environment is a more serious problem.

This phenomenon is the worst in the health sector in Hungary.

Almost 10 thousand nurses disappeared from the Hungarian hospitals


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