Christmas may not have been white, but snow is finally here. Step nr.1: check out the first real snowfall of Hungary by clicking here. Step nr.2: plan your next ski trip in Hungary, as skiing is the perfect sport in these COVID-19 times, seeing as it is an outdoor activity where you are fully dressed with your face covered, and you need to keep your distance anyway. Here are some tips to help you with the best and most popular ski places in the country.

Hungary is certainly not on the level of Austria or France when it comes to high mountains; however, the country has several great places to go skiing for those who love the cold weather and the perfect white snow.


The territory of the Bükk National Park, one of Hungary’s most beautiful areas in its Eastern part, gives place to the ski pistes of Bánkút. Everyone can find the most suitable slope for themselves as the ski club has a total of 6 ski runs of different difficulties and 2 for learning the basics of the sport. Moreover, 7 surface lifts facilitate getting up to the top of the hill between the slopes. It is certainly needed as the highest point of the area is at 935 metres, and the total length of the pistes is around 3.3 km.



The ski paradise of Dobogokő is the favourite of those living in Budapest, as this ski centre lies the closest to the capital. Moreover, this was the first official ski slope of Hungary, which has been open to all those wishing to slide fast on beautiful white snow for almost 100 years now, since 1923. Its base station can be reached easily from the big parking lot and from the last stop of the bus as well. The height of ski runs is at around 510-680 metres, while the length of all slopes is 2.7 km. The upper part of slope 1 is only recommended for the most experienced skiers as it is quite steep. The lower part, however, is ideal for beginners, too. As in the case of most ski centres in Hungary, it is prohibited to step on the slope with a sledge or a dog. Dobogókő is the perfect place for those who would like to do a bit more exercise than usual as the centre only has 1 lift.



The ski arena of Eplény stands high among others since it is perfectly equipped thanks to its continuous development. Among all ski centres, the season is probably the longest here as, thanks to its modern and effective snow guns, it has the capacity to stretch the season out; even when the country itself is not covered in snow, there is always a possibility. Its system of slopes provides the perfect possibility, from beginners to the most experienced skiers, to find what people need. Beginners can take advantage of a 100-metre-long, blue ski run, while those with a lot of experience have the possibility to choose between red or black ski slopes. A special feature of Eplény is the possibility of continuing the sport even after the sun sets, thanks to its 4km-long illuminated slope. The total length of all slopes almost reaches 8 km.

Those who have little or no experience at all can sign up to classes at the ski or snowboard schools. In the case that you do not have your own equipment, head to the ski rental to find your size. Parking is free, ski camps and team-building training are organised, and ski service is provided, besides its numerous restaurants and terraces. The only downside of Eplény is its high price compared to other ski centres, which is totally understandable considering how well-equipped, modern, and new the whole establishment is.



The Kékestető ski centre is situated on the highest point of Hungary, and its ski run is the second-longest in the country. The ski lane is perfect for beginners and families thanks to its mild slope. A ski and snowboarding school and the possibility to rent equipment await everyone who would like to spend some time in the Alpine-like environment. Just as in the case of Eplény, the Kékestető centre also has illuminated slopes equipped with a sound system which makes it possible to enjoy the sport until quite late. The centre is equipped with 5 lifts, and the total length of slopes is just over 3 km.


First snow of winter 2019 arrives in Hungary
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