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Besides the name of the actress who embodies the iconic character of Sissi, it has also been revealed when the new series will debut on Netflix.

As we reported earlier, after the successful trilogy starring Romy Schneider, Hungary’s beloved queen, Sissi, returns to the screen. Certainly, filmmakers have embarked on a big venture, and the result could be much more divisive than ever before, as the story of Sissi has already been made into a trilogy that has become a cult production. We are all familiar with the films Sissi (1955); Sissi, the Young Empress (1956) and Sissi – Fateful Years of an Empress (1957), directed by Ernst Marischka. For these generations, the perfect Sissi was characterised by Romy Schneider.

Hopefully, the new productions will achieve similar success. The plural is not accidental as there will be two series that capture the story of Sissi, namely Elizabeth Wittelsbach, Empress of Austria, Queen of Hungary and the Czech Republic. As the Hungarian news portal nlc reports, one will be written by Amy Jenkins, author of The Crown, who will transform Allison Pataki’s books on Sissi into series. Here we will follow the young girl’s transformation into a Queen who awakens to her own power in a male-dominated world.

Besides, another six-part series can be expected, produced in the Austro-German co-production, which runs under the title The Empress, which will also debut on Netflix.

Devrim Lingnau will play Sissi’s iconic character. The 23-year-old Turkish-German actress began her career in 2014 and has already starred in both series and films. Recently, we could see her in the German productions Auerhaus and the British productions Carmilla. Devrim’s film partner will be the 26-year-old Philip Froissant, who will play Franz Joseph on the screen.

Katharina Eyssen commented on the upcoming production: “The Empress gave us the opportunity to tell Empress Elizabeth’s moving story to contemporary audiences, according to the modern image of women. Devrim is not only an extremely talented, versatile actress, but for me, she embodies just this woman: intelligent, passionate, rebellious. Philip Froissant, for his part, will show Franz Joseph as we have not yet seen: an ambivalent and impressive ruler whose conflicts are more topical than ever.”

According to Netflix, shooting will begin this spring and the series will be available on the streaming provider’s site in the spring of 2022.


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  1. AWESOME!! Can’t wait! The Series should very popular on prime time and help political relations in the Carpathian Basin.

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