About 40% of the special college students in Hungary (who are the best among the bests) work abroad.

For a Hungarian medical student, the Korányi Frigyes Special College is the best opportunity to be part of the elite. It was formed in 1985 by Semmelweis University and its students are the next generation of doctors who are all proved to be excellent specialists; they are acknowledged not only in Hungary, but on the international scale as well.

Boglárka Gyurkócza, who graduated in 1999, is currently working in the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Gyurkócza is also a Korányi Frigyes graduate; she said the only reason she left Hungary was not the money, or the work environment, but her gender. After working extremely hard for years and still not reaching her goal she immigrated to the United States where she achieved everything she had wanted.

Although a vast amount of students leave the country, more and more people decide to come back after spending years abroad, said Ferenc Godó, director of the Korányi Frigyes Special College.

One of them is Pál Maurovich-Horvát, who had been studying in Sweden, England, Germany and the United States before returning to Hungary. His goal was to experience how things are done abroad and to use this knowledge to improve the Hungarian system.

Students of Korányi are required to spend one or two semesters abroad – the dream destinations are England, Germany, Canada and the United States, but many choose countries like Brazil or Japan. No wonder that approximately 40% leaves the country after graduation.

This special college collects the elite of the medical students; it currently has 56 members and they accept 8-18 people annually. Students are evaluated two times during the year, based on their professional, scholarly and social performances and if they score low in either of the areas they can easily be expelled.

based on an article of hvg.hu
translated by Adrienn Sain

Source: hvg.hu

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