Károly Áts, the owner of the Áts Family Winery in the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region, won the 2020 Winemaker of the winemakers award. The award was established by Pál Rókusfalvy for the winemakers of the Carpathian Basin, and it is considered to be the most prestigious one by many experts because the winner is selected by the 50 best winemakers in the country each year.

At the opening of the award ceremony, Minister of Agriculture István Nagy emphasised that since the wine sector had to tackle the hardships brought about by the coronavirus crisis, the Ministry had to adjust the support system accordingly, Origo reported. Therefore, using EU and national resources,

Minister of Agriculture István Nagy delivering his speech at the award ceremony
Photo:MTI/Szigetváry Zsolt

Hungarian winemakers will receive more than 9 billion forints (EUR 25.3 million) to alleviate the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

István Nagy added that in the framework of compensation, the Ministry also supports the reduction of stocks of wine products that wineries were unable to sell. The total value of this support is 2.5 billion forints (EUR 7 million).

For many years, Károly Áts was the chief oenologist of Royal Tokaj, and in 2012, he won the title of “Winemaker of the Year”. Since 2013, he has been the chief oenologist of Grand Tokaj. Born and bred in Tokaj-Hegyalja, grapes and wine have always played a part in his life through his father. He founded his family winery in 2012.

Károly Áts with the other four finalists: István Ipacs Szabó (Vylyan, Villány), Judit Bodó (Bott Cellar, Tokaj), Sarolta Bárdos (Tokaj Nobilis, Tokaj), and Zoltán Heimann (Heimann, Szekszárd)
Photo: MTI/Szigetváry Zsolt

“In 2002, Károly Áts created Áts Cuvée, the now legendary late-harvest Tokaj sweet wine that bears his name. In 2006, American magazine Wine & Spirits awarded his 1999 Tokaji Essencia 100 points. […] In recognition of his outstanding professional work in the service of the development of the Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region, Áts received the Civil Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary in 2014.”

tokaj vineyard
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The portfolio of the Áts Family Winery consists of the late harvest Áts Cuvée, which acquired recognition for the winemaker’s name, Áts Furmint, Szent Tamás Furmint, and Koranyár Cuvée.

Áts Cuvée

Áts Cuvée has a complex flavour. It is an elegant, sweet wine with a citrusy character, blended from three grape varieties: Furmint, Yellow Muscat, and Hárslevelű (lime tree leaf).

Áts pincészet-cuvée-wine-hungary
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Áts Furmint

Fermented in tanks and wooden barrels, Áts Furmint is characterised by a fresh, crisp, and fruity flavour.

Szent Tamás Furmint

In Szent Tamás Furmint, the characteristic Furmint flavour is complemented by the minerality characteristic of the vineyard.

Áts pincészet-furmint-wine-hungary
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Koranyár Cuvée

Koranyár Cuvée is a white wine variety, which has an aromatic flavour, characterised by fresh and fruity notes.

Áts pincészet-koranyár-wine-hungary
Photo: www.facebook.com/atspince
Dúzsi Wine Rack
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Source: origo.hu, grandtokaj.com

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