UNICEF Hungary charity cooking
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Gastrobloggers, music bands and other well-known public figures unite in Hungary to help UNICEF’s fundraising program for the most indigent children country-wide. As Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reports, the program’s latest event has been truly successful.

On 5th August, Szimpla Garden was even more lively than usual thanks to a special event organised by UNICEF Hungary and Budapest Voices for the sake of the most impoverished Hungarian children. It is truly distressing how many crimes against children are committed each year and yet at the same time Hungarian children are unfamiliar with their rights.

The regional, Hungarian office of UNICEF is currently fundraising to enable more enhanced work in the field of helping children in need. Besides the fundraising part, events like this help UNICEF to become more appealing to the ordinary people and every-day men can feel closer to the organisation.

The event took place in Szimpla Garden, which frequently serves as venue for civil organizations’, NGOs’ and activists’ similar events.

Szimpla Garden is a part of Szimpla, an outstandingly popular ruin pub that surely does not need much introduction.

Szimpla Kert kocsma bar ruinbar
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Charity cooking days organised by ’Community Pot’ (Közös Lábos) come about in Szimpla Garden’s market during the weekend, with food prepared from fresh and healthy ingredients.

Last Sunday, at UNICEF’s fundraising event, the menu was bean goulash soup and cottage cheese pasta with mushroom. If you fancy preparing the famous Hungarian goulash at home, here is our recipe and our guide with the best tips and tricks to it.

UNICEF Hungary charity cooking
Photo: www.facebook.com/UNICEFMagyarorszag

The remaining food was given to the Heti Betevő Association, an activist centre whose members distribute portions of food to those who struggle to buy food on a daily basis.

To advertise the event, organisers asked Budapest Voices, a well-known Hungarian choir music band to help with the preparation of the food. Members were indeed happy to help children in need and support UNICEF’s country-wide program named ’Alarm’ (Ébresztő-óra).

’Alarm’ is the first wide-spread program of UNICEF Hungary with a framework that emphasizes children’s rights, children’s global status, violation of children’s rights and abuse of children. The 90-minutes interactive sessions are for children aged between 10-18 and consist of informative discussions and advice.

Children can come to know their rights and how their rights can help them in hopeless situations or staggering life events.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/UNICEFMagyarorszag

Source: Szeretlekmagyarország.hu

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