Climate protection youth conference will be held in Budapest

The title of the conference is Climate Heroes #climate #climatechange #Budapest #event #conference

UNICEF supports Ukraine refugees in Debrecen

The Hungarian office of UNICEF's Regional Ukrainian Refugee Programme will provide EUR 1.2m support to the city of #Debrecen

EXANTE broker donates $1 000 000 to UNICEF

The global wealth tech, EXANTE, has donated USD 1 million to UNICEF. This amount will be used to support children in need due to the war. #exante #unicef #ukraine #war #children #donation #help #refugees

Hungary’s Ask for Help! programme wins European Crime Prevention Award

The Hungarian programme has won the contest's main prize with 10,000 euros

UNICEF Hungary launches scheme for young people engaging with social issues

@unicef The programme dubbed "Your Future Is On You" aims to help young people make decisions

Hungarian teacher union wants education workers added to govt’s vaccination plan

"#UNICEF as saying that those working in the education sector should also receive priority in the Covid-19 vaccination campaigns"

Thousands of children are abused in Hungary

There are even more cases of child abuse than anticipated... #Hungary #DailyNewsHungary

UNICEF report: Hungary’s child welfare ranks 15th on EU, OECD list

#Hungary ranked 13th regarding children's life skills and 15th in mental #health ???? @UnicefHUN

UNICEF: No remote learning for at least 463 million children

"The repercussions could be felt in economies and societies for decades to come" @UNICEF ?️??

Detained children at grave risk of contracting COVID-19, UNICEF chief

"An outbreak in one of these facilities could happen at any moment" - #UNICEF

9 children killed or maimed daily in Afghanistan – UNICEF

Shocking numbers! An average of nine children were killed or maimed every day in 2019!

Hungary – among the TOP 20 family-friendly countries

#Hungary - among the most #family-#friendly countries #UNICEF

Charity concert performers reveal what it means to them — VIDEO

#Hungarian stars reveal why performing at the biggest #charity #concert of the year is important to them!

Thousands of children facing famine in Hungary

#Famine in #Hungary is a serious problem and many people are unaware of the shocking consequences it has

Hungary’s biggest concert of the summer assembled after keeping it a secret

#UNICEF Hungary: 8 leading Hungarian bands and artists will give a concert, details HERE:

With gastronomy for children: UNICEF Hungary’s fundraising event

Do you think #charity and #children's #education about their rights is important? For #UNICEF #Hungary, it surely is!

Budapest UNICEF global services centre expansion inaugurated

This expansion could help further improve #UNICEF's effectiveness #Hungary #Hungarian #Budapest #children

UNICEF Innocenti Report ranks 41 EU and OECD countries, Hungary 32th

#UNICEF #Innocenti #Report - Very sad results #Hungary #32

UNICEF: Violent crimes against Hungarian children total 15,000

Budapest (MTI) – Annually, over 15,000 children fall victim to violent crimes in Hungary, UNICEF’s Hungarian committee reported on Wednesday. In its report, the committee said […]

Hungary at midfield in UNICEF report on inequality among children

Budapest (MTI) – Hungary is near the middle in a list of 41 high-income countries that UNICEF ranked by inequality among children, the children’s rights advocacy […]