The Budapest Park X UNICEF Charity Concert is coming!

Only a few days until the Budapest Park X UNICEF Charity Concert takes place on June 16, when eight leading Hungarian bands and performers will take the stage. Péter Felméri, comedian, will give a stand-up performance, Zsófi Kemény and Luca Nyáry will contribute to the charity event with a slam production. The four-hour long series of concerts, which will take place on Father’s Day, is still holding a surprise or two. All the money from ticket sales will go the UNICEF Hungary to help their work with the most unfortunate children, reports HVG.

A few of the performers revealed what the event meant to them:
“The thing is, we are getting older, we have become fathers, and it is starting to register in our minds how important our children’s cause is,” said Szabi Papp, frontman of Supernem, who thinks that a father’s role is not only important on Father’s Day but every day. Experts say the baby’s first 1000 days are the most crucial for their fathers to play, spend time and talk to them as much as possible, and help their development. “We went to a rock concert with the kids not long ago; I take my daughter to artistic gymnastics and my son to soccer practice. Whenever I have a bit of time off, family always comes first, and it is important to me to see my children grow up,” explained the musician.
Check out the stars assembling for the charity concert HERE.
Caramel is also awaiting the concert. “I am pleased that such a great company came together, and a lot of exceptional musicians for a good cause. As a father, I feel the importance of children’s causes, and my own personal past is also encouraging me to take part in initiatives which support troubled youths,” said Caramel, who is preparing his biggest hits for the concert.
UNICEF can provide one child’s food supply, clean water and medication for one month from just one ticket’s price. The charity concert’s audience will also contribute to the organisation’s efforts against child trafficking. In terms of human trafficking, Hungary is among the five countries most at risk in the European Union.
Thousands of women and children fall victim to sexual trafficking yearly. UNICEF Hungary‘s several programs’ goal is the prevention of child trafficking, or the spotting of potential child victims, as well as contributions to future experts training.

You can purchase tickets HERE.

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