Budapest, Margaret Island – Photo: Daily News Hungary shares a stunning video about the Hungarian national football team’s performance at the Euros and especially its effects on the country, made by none other than ESPN, the world famous sports broadcast network.

The two amazing weeks the Hungarian national football team spent at EURO2016 in France brought the nation together, showed that Hungarians can be happy and enthusiastic, and called great attention to the footballers.

It seems Hungary has made a comeback and can participate in significant tournaments again. We all hope that the players will keep up the good work and improve themselves, so the country can express their faith and love for the successful team again and again, while the whole world is watching.

During the team’s performance at the Euros the world press was full of articles and broadcasts about the Hungarians, but even after they got eliminated they did not fade into oblivion. The mighty ESPN has shot documentaries about how the participating teams are rooted for in their own countries.

Thus, their reporter visited Budpest and watched the match against Belgium in the crowd of the Hungarian supporters. The footage also shows the reporter talking to supporters and to a journalist of Nemzeti Sport, with whom he discussed the long journey to the Euros.

He was amazed by the country and the people rooting together, and luckily, still more and more foreigners and Hungarians start to realize what a beautiful country this is, how lovely people can be, and also, that Hungarian football is not a lost case.

Watch the ESPN video HERE.

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