Rodriguez, Mexican, chef, Budapest, restaurant

Santiago Lastra Rodriguez has been chosen as one of the top ten best young Scandinavian chefs recently. The Mexican super chef is about to open his first restaurant in the United Kingdom, but first, he decided to show his incomparable and incredible cooking style in the Hungarian capital.

Rodrigez is simply known as the ‘Nomad Mexican Chef’ in the world of gastronomy as he travelled across the world to give ‘tour dinners’. So far, he has been to twenty-six countries. This nomad lifestyle represents important moments for him and a rare opportunity to show the world his home country’s traditional food and gastronomy. In Mexico, food is not just something people eat, but it equals enjoyment.

“Mexico is the only country in the world where you taste something, and you can feel the soul of the people. Enjoying every bite is what makes us Mexicans happy every day” – he says.

Rodriguez, chef, Mexican, Budapest, restaurant

Origo reported that the Mexican chef would arrive in Budapest soon to make a menu which consists of eight different meals, with St. Andrea Restaurant’s chef Ádám Barna. The two chefs will present this special menu together in the restaurant. This pop-up dinner is probably the last station of Rodriguez’s tour as he is about to fly to London where he is going to open his first restaurant called Kol Restaurant.

St. Andrea Restaurant recently became one of the best restaurants in Hungary. For more information click on the button below!

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Ádám Barna created the special menu by getting inspiration from the old Monarchy’s ingredients and traditions. His kitchen brings the countryside into the loud capital city’s life. Dining Guide chose him the chef of the year in 2018. This is the first time in the history of St. Andrea that they welcome a foreign chef.

“My colleagues cannot wait for this cooking because every time they cook with someone they have not before, they get new impulses. We really hope that the guests of St. Andrea will enjoy the nomad chef’s menu and the usual meals the restaurant offers” – reported Ádám Barna.

This special menu includes Mangalica, trout, apple, corn, beans, potatoes, chilli and many more exciting ingredients.

The date of this special pop-up dinner is April 11–12.

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