Three hundred young artistic swimming talents from 39 countries in 9 different categories started to compete today at the FINA World Junior Artistic Swimming Championships 2018. The venue is, of course, the Duna Arena and the championship will last until July 22nd. The Hungarian team is interested in 7 categories – reported Today and tomorrow entrance in the morning is free!

The Olympic athletes and probably champions of the future in Budapest!

In fact, several representatives of the artistic swimming mentioned on a press conference yesterday that

they quasi come home to Budapest to compete.

This is because, as we already reported, Budapest has the honour to host two prestigious swimming competitions this year. These are the 16th FINA Artistic Swimming World Series and the National Senior, Junior, and Masters Artistic Swimming Championships. The latter took place between the 18th and 20th of May while the former started today.

‘My phone automatically connects itself to the wifi when I arrive in the Arena’ – added Lisa Schott, chairwoman of the FINA Artistic Swimming Technical Committee.

According to FINA official site, in the opening speech FINA Artistic Swimming Technical Committee Chairwoman Lisa Schott praised the accomplishments of the organisers, and said that the Duna Arena of Budapest is one of the most attractive aquatics world’s venues.

“There is no doubts, we will stage a very successful FINA World Junior Artistic Swimming Championships-2018 here,

– she commented. – We have in place everything might be needed: great facilities at the host arena, traditional hospitality of the Hungarian capital and excellent job done by the well-trained Organising Committee. Hungarian Synchronized Swimming Federation and Municipality of Budapest are very reliable partners of FINA, and we are grateful to them for fruitful collaboration. It is always a big pleasure personally for me to come back to the city, which has been at our map for many many years to now. We are delighted to confirm, that everything is well ready for the kick-off and, hopefully, 300 competitors will appreciate the preparations done”.

“We are grateful to FINA for being entrusted to host such high-level competitions for the second year to go, – responded LOC Chairman, Hungarian Synchronised Swimming Federation President Sándor Balogh. – In 2017 we staged FINA World Championships and it was a hit with the public. Hungarians love aquatics, and artistic swimming is one of the most fascinating and beautiful sports. I believe, that junior championships is always interesting to watch as they show the future trends of the sport, the future stars and we hope to see some drafts for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic rosters”.

Everybody is looking forward to an exciting championship

Natalia Tarasova, the Russian head coach of the Hungarian team said that they will now be able to show the outcome of their work in front of Hungarian supporters.

Warming up before the competition starts.

‘The Hungarian artistic swimming was on a medium level when I started to work with the girls. However, since then the team has developed a lot, and I hope that this will be noticed by the judges, as well. The

girls are very determined and they want to show what they know to the Hungarian public.

From a professional point of view, they can fulfil good routines. If they have enough confidence, we can achieve our goals, and we can reach the elite of the world step by step.’ – added Tarasova. She highlighted that the Hungarian team has a chance to get into the finals in team categories.

Sándor Balogh, the head of the organising committee mentioned that the swimming world regards Budapest as the capital of the sport. Thus,

he trusts in another successful event

enhancing the reputation of Budapest.

Sándor Balogh, the head of the organizing committee
Sándor Balogh, the head of the organising committee. Photo: KONKOLY THEGE GYÖRGY – GloboPort Média

Éva Szántó, executive director of the Bp2017 Nonprofit Kft., the company responsible for the organisation, said that thanks to the 17th FINA World Championships last year they have enough experience, knowledge and well-trained staff to organise a successful junior world championship.

synchronised swimming Junior World Championships
The Hungarian team – Photo:úszóSzövetség

The gold medal of the championship was presented on the press conference and was showed to Varvara Subbotina, one of the main stars of the championship also present at the press conference. She highlighted that there are no easy competitions,

everybody is skilled, strong and top-motivated to win.

Here you can watch Subbotina’s technical solo at the 2018 French Open in Montreuil:

Entrance is free today and tomorrow

As we already reported, for the first two days of the competition, entrance in the morning will be free, you only have to register online ( The contestants will start at 10 am both days, with their solo and duo free-style performances. For Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can buy tickets in advance, for incredible prices at You can choose your preferred seat,

for only 400 to 800 forints (1.23-2.46 EUR).


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