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According to the CANnual Report yearly advertising market report, last year, the largest client of the Hungarian advertisement market was its own government. The report was made with the co-operation of the independent news agency of Central and Eastern Europe – wrote.

The Hungarian government has spent twice as much as those who are in second place. After the national 32 Million €, Telekom stands with their 15 Million € budget.

This year, during the four months preceding the elections, the Government spent 75% more on advertising than a year before. CANnual Report introduces the presentation of Hungary’s market with a warning that states:

In 2017, the increase in the spendings of the Hungarian media market was not because of pure market processes but due to the government’s influence.

There is no other country in the region where the current government is among the top 10 advertisers concerning spendings.

The Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister lead by Antal Rogán was not idle even after elections. From the 78 Million € (25 Billion Ft) budget contract agreed with the National Communication Office, they have already spent 58.5 Million € (18.7 Billion Ft).

Because two companies have been banned from the possible three considering procuring, Gyula Balásy’s Lounge Design Kft and New Land Media Kft are reaping the profit.

So far 73.5 Million € (23.5 Billion Ft) of commissions have been entrusted to the two companies mentioned before.

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