According to, a young Hungarian became first at the professionals’ Olympic Games, WorldSkills held in Brazil.

In the contest, which was held between August11-16, more than 1200 competitors of 63 countries measured their knowledge in 50 categories. Hungary was represented by 14 professionals of 13 trades. Of them, Attila Laszlo furniture carpenter earned a gold medal.

Attila Laszlo had no trouble choosing a career, since in their family, carpentry handed down from father to son, his father and brother also work in this trade. The 21-year-old young man from Vas, who lives and works in Pecs, described himself as not a man of words, he rather likes working in the workshop, publicity is strange to him which was resulted by the success in the competition. He prepared for the tournament for 2 years; he has already made the commode, with which he won the gold medal, 8 times. Last year, he participated in the EuroSkills competition, he started the Olympics in the possession of the experience earned there – MTI said.

The competition rules were very strict, everyone had the exact amount of raw material available which was needed for the preparation of the work piece, so repair was not possible at all – Attila Laszlo said. He had 22 hours to make the commode, the jury of experts assessed the various phases of work every day, they mostly looked the expert of the surface’s processing and the accuracy. Compared to the announcement, task was changed in the last moments for which the competitors had to adjust.

During the two years of preparation, he has learnt much new about his profession. He learned the basics at Berzsenyi Daniel High School and Vocational School, Celldomolk and, of course, in the workshop at home – he said. He wants to find prosperity in the furniture industry, he would like to develop his skills towards cabinet work carpentry.

According to Zoltan Fekete, the preparing teacher, Attila Laszlo has very good skills, his main virtue is accuracy, he continuously measures and control, while already thinking about the next work phase. The professional thinks that domestic vocational training needs renewal, the curriculum should be developed, more money should be spent on the equipment of the workshops and vocational teachers should be trained further as well, said.

In addition to Attila Laszlo, Hungary can celebrate another young professional on the podium. David Csongradi won a silver medal in network administrator category. The mechatronic team of Krisztian Zilahi and David Balazs, florist Melinda Geregory and Gergely Mozer took over an excellence medal for their performance over 500 points.

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