Even though apartments that need to be renovated are cheaper, everybody is looking for a flat they can move to immediately, as nobody wants to deal with the renovation process and all the costs that keep popping up. There is an excellent example of this from the Ferencváros part of Budapest, featured on magazin.otthonterkep.hu.

Nevertheless, moving comes with a lot of hassle, especially if our furniture does not fit into the apartment or does not match the style of the new flat. It would be a lot easier to buy a nicely renovated and fully-furnished flat, where only a suitcase is needed to move in.

Excellent location, neat apartment building

Of course, finding such an apartment is not an easy task, however, we stumbled upon one, with a neighbourhood that is unlike any other! The flat of ideal size and divisions is located in the Ferencváros part of Budapest, in a quiet and calm neighbourhood that is still just a stone’s throw away from the popular Boráros Square.

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The corner apartment has a view of the street and is located on the mezzanine level of the regularly maintained apartment building, meaning it is just low enough for elderly people to comfortably get to but just high enough that it is not possible to peek in from the street.

The financial situation of the apartment building is all in order and the residential community is not problematic at all. Since there are no shops in the apartment building, the flat is especially suitable for those who want to return to an urban oasis after work.

Tranquillity is not only guaranteed by the ideal location of the apartment building but also by the stylish yet sensible furnishing of the flat, every square meter of which reflects the excellent taste of the owner.

Diverse divisions, bedrooms with separate openings

Among the flats of apartment buildings built a long time ago, it is hard to find ones that have ideal divisions as well as separate openings for all the bedrooms. However, during the renovation of this 3-bedroom flat of 80 square meters, two bedrooms with separate openings were established, one of them with its own bathtub in the bathroom while the other one’s bathroom includes a shower. Another toilet and sink are available for guests, opening from the hall.

Photo: otthonterkep.hu

The true curiosity though is the spacious kitchen that can be opened up to or closed off from the living room with a double door, thus making it an ideal choice for lovers of both an American-style kitchen and a separate kitchen.

Photo: otthonterkep.hu

The flat is perfect for families with one or two children but the bedroom with an ensuite shower, opening from the hall, can be an ideal guest room as well, especially considering that it has a built-in safe, too.

Photo: otthonterkep.hu

Could be an excellent investment choice

The newly renovated flat is also an excellent choice for those looking for an investment opportunity, as it is located in one of the best areas of Budapest when it comes to renting out. It is close to the city centre, the bank of the Danube, has excellent shopping and entertainment opportunities, close to the Fővám Square Great Market Hall, the Whale building, the Palace of Arts as well as to the National Theatre, just to mention a few of the most important ones.

Most universities are easily accessible from the flat, while many of those working at the Infopark also look for apartments to rent in the area. It is especially ideal to buy it for renting out as there is no need to spend any money on renovation, and the cupboards of the hall, the built-in safe, the kitchen furniture with the built-in Bosch kitchen equipment are all included in the price, while all other equipment and pieces of furniture can be bought after negotiations, if needed.

Full-scale renovation and stylish furnishing

During the renovation process, special attention was paid for using quality materials, so, the floors have thermal insulation and, apart from the bathrooms, KAINDL hardwood flooring. All the internal doors and the windows were made specifically for this flat, while the front door was rated the safest on the market. The heating and hot water are taken care of by the new combi central heating boiler, with the addition of underfloor heating in the hall and bathroom and wall heating in the shower.

Each space has general lighting built into the suspended ceiling; the rooms have central lighting constructed separately and remote-control mood lighting with the option of changing the brightness. The kitchen has pantry cupboards and built-in cupboards for the washing machine and the drier, besides the built-in kitchen equipment (combined refrigerator, 12-place washing machine, ceramic stove, oven, extractor fan).

The entire flat is of a high standard, a true ‘jewellery box’ thanks to the excellent taste of the owner, that is ideal for both your own purposes and to invest in.

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Featured image: otthonterkep.hu

Source: magazin.otthonterkep.hu

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