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According to a popular Romanian Hungarian tabloid, the famous gastro blogger, Mark Twines, tasted Mangalica and was amazed by the Hungarian pig meat.

As the Romanian Hungarian news portal reports, the 33-year-old influencer has 5.2 million subscribers; 641,000 people have viewed his Romanian trip, and the post received 21,000 likes.

The Hungarian national treasure

As describes – in 2004, Mangalica has been appointed as a Hungarian national treasure – along with some protected and endangered species – after the Parliament accepted the concerning regulation.

According to the regulation, the state must support the preservation of the listed animal species; furthermore, civil societies, farmer organisations, and residents are also encouraged to act accordingly.

The official document highlights that Mangalica has an important role in the preservation of national identity, education and arts as well. It represents Hungary; in addition to its aesthetic value, its inherent genetic base is also significant from the economic aspect.


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