shares a wonderful list full of completely different but special terraced places in Budapest, the beautiful Hungarian capital city, in order for you to find your new favourite place.

  1. Terasz Budapest

With a suitable name (terasz means terrace in Hungarian), an exquisite panorama and an excellent kitchen, Terasz Budapest, located on Március 15. Square, secured its place on the list. Also, bear in mind that in the especially hot weather they cool down the temperature – but probably not the atmosphere – with the help of water sprays.


  1. Rombusz Terasz

Having a yard filled with gravel and offering different kinds of programmes, Rombusz is quite remindful of the garden of Kultiplex (a former pub and cultural centre). Notably, their drinks and foods are rather good and worth a try, you may not want to miss a hamburger or some nachos.


  1. PostBistro

The next participant of the list, PostBistro is near the area of the Széll Kálmán Square, and is much more than you would expect: at first glance from the street you only see a little garden of gravels and a bar, but when you enter, you find a cool garden with several floors of terrace. You might stop by for a beer or fröccs, but if you happen to be hungry, you can try their sandwiches or nachos, as well.


  1. Pántlika Bisztró

One of the great favourites of the article’s writer is the Pántlika Bisztró, located in the Városliget, which is already a good point. Furthermore, the building was kept from the 1960s, which makes it quite special. Also, drinking a fröccs here is recommended, and so is eating something. Besides, earlier several great parties were organized here, under the trees.


  1. Bálint Galéria Kávézó

A decent place in Buda with magnificent view and tranquillity. Originally, it was a workshop with a bar, and was supposed to operate as a furniture store. However, as the guests started to get used to the place, it grew out to be an exciting and stylish café. A truly unique place in Budapest.


  1. VakVarjú Beach

It is located in the Kopaszi dam and their kenyérlángos certainly makes you want to visit them, and then come back again. After the tasty dinner, it is really suitable to spend some time there, just sitting on the dam and facing the river, wondering about all kinds of things.


  1. Margitutcakilenc

First, when you walk by Margitutcakilenc, you may only notice its beautiful tulip door, and then, when you are not in a hurry and finally stop by, you enter a magical place. Whether for a drink, for some food or just in order to listen to some music that is entirely different from the music that the radio or the television plays, Margitutcakilenc is surely your place to go to.


  1. Tábor

The Wine Society (Bortársaság) established a pop-up wine bar, completely suitable for wine-lovers craving to spend some time at the Millenáris. It is open from spring to autumn, provided the weather is good, as they are usually closed when the rain floods the streets of Budapest. Though, if you are not particularly keen on wine and fröccs, you still don’t have to stay at home, as Tábor offers beer and pálinka as well.


  1. Nap bácsi

It’s a minimalist place not far from the Fellini Bistro, offering nice beers, delicious hamburgers, and Saturdays outdoor cooking is organized. A lounge, the island of tranquillity, where people are just sitting or lying down, staring at the Danube, drinking beer, and listening to music, letting the atmosphere to take control over them.


  1. Dunaparty megálló

The Dunaparty landed on the site’s list because it is a special place, almost bizarre, for one thing: you can order your foods and drinks at a red bus which got here after it was scrapped in London. The offerings and the music are both characterized by the expression “retro”: if you’re hungry for some hake, pancakes or lángos, you are in the right place at Dunaparty megálló. Also, similarly to the aforementioned Pántlika and Margitutcakilenc, it is really children-friendly.


Photos (in order of appearance):; terasz.m15; rombusz-terasz; postbistro; pantlika; balintkavezo; vakvarju.beach; margit9; taborbortarsasag; napbacsi; dunapartymegallo

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