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Szeged is a gem in the south-eastern part of Hungary.  It is sometimes called the city of sunshine as it is the place where the sun shines the most hours. However, thanks to the many wonderful sights you can see here, it is the perfect destination in the winter, too.

With the help of the list published on Bien, you will know what to do when visiting this beautiful town in Hungary.

City Hall

city hall, szeged

This beautiful building was built in a Neo-Baroque style. The fateful flood in the 19th century caused serious damages to the building, so its current form can be seen since 1883. It is directly connected to the Appartement House (also called the Iron House by locals) through a foyer dubbed the ‘bridge of sighs’.

Széchenyi Square

szeged, széchenyi square

As the biggest square of Szeged, Széchenyi Square is beautiful and ever-improving. There are many magnificent and fascinating statues throughout the park, including one of Pál Vásárhelyi, who played a crucial part in regulating the River Tisza.

Móra Ferenc Museum

museum, szeged

Located on the shore of the River Tisza, Móra Ferenc Museum is clearly for the people, as it says on the façade: for public education. Another trademark of the building is the two ramps on the side of the stairs leading to the entrance. They have a unique backstory: during his visit, Emperor Franz Joseph wanted to see if his newly-acquired automobile could make it right to the entrance. Unfortunately, it was too steep for the car, but it is a cool remnant of history, right?

Bridge of Sighs

szeged, bridge of sighs

This unique feature in the city is also connected to Franz Joseph. During his visit, he never wanted to be too far from his accompaniment or his guards who were put up in the Appartement House. So, this bridge was built in record time to grant his wish and connect the building to the City Hall.

Szeged slippers

szeged slippers, hungarikum

Szeged slippers are an integral part of the traditional local folk attire. Besides being worn during folk dance performances, though, you can also see them when visiting the Dome. On the mosaics of the temple’s ceiling, Saint Mary is featured wearing Szeged slippers as well as the famous Szeged coat (szegedi szűr).

Szeged Dome

Dome of Szeged, Szegedi Dóm
The Dome of Szeged
Photo: wikimedia commons

As one of the symbols of Szeged, the Dome probably needs no introduction. Did you know, though, that it is also called the Votive Church? The story behind this name is connected the 1879 flood that destroyed most of the buildings in the city. The people in charge of governing the city made a vow to build a big, unique church in the place of the old one.

Dome Square

szeged, dom square

This square is the location of the famous open-air festival in the city. The special music clock made by a local clockmaker is also located here. By taking a walk under the famous, red-brick arcades, we can see the statues and reliefs featuring the famous men and women of Szeged.

The city centre

Photo: ♥ Szeged

Considering the flood took most of the buildings, the city centre of Szeged is rather small. However, it has a unique atmosphere thanks to the many pedestrian streets, statues and, of course, the numerous cafés and confectioneries where you can recharge with a cup of coffee and a delicious slice of cake.

Reök Palace

szeged, reok palace

This beautiful art nouveau-style building was completed at the beginning of the 20th century. Ede Magyar made the plans for it. It reflects the fashions of the time and is still a little gem of Szeged.

Kárász Street

kárász street
Photo: – Gábor Baross

As one of the biggest pedestrian streets of the city, Kárász Street has a joyous ambience. Also, it is connected to Széchenyi Square. The street music, the fascinating statues, the palm trees and the numerous cafés and bars will definitely cheer you up.

Klauzál Square

square, szeged

Located on Kárász Street, this square is definitely recommended to those with a sweet tooth, since the terrace of the city’s famous confectioneries can be found here. The building from where Lajos Kossuth gave his last speech is also located here.

Whether you choose to visit all of these places or discover the city on your own, Szeged is an excellent destination from a touristic, cultural or entertainment point of view as well. Having a good time is guaranteed 😉

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