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There is one shockingly strange study group at Vajda János Secondary School in Keszthely, Zala County. discloses a detailed report on the unusual biology club, led by the high school’s biology teacher, where students performed autopsies on different kinds of animals, some still alive during the process. Parent and animal rights activists are enraged.

Students of Vajda János Secondary School (age 13-18) could take part in the unique biology club which was notorious among students for its “experiments”. reports that students were well aware of what was going on in those biology sessions, and the opportunity to perform an autopsy on animals raised students’ interest.

Students performed the autopsy on all kinds of animals: chicks, Guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.

Some animals were given an electric shock to check their reflexes.

A disturbing video recorded by the students themselves circulated on the internet in which students perform an autopsy on a small chick that is clearly alive during the process. It is clear from the video that some students felt sorry for the animal.

The biology teacher’s club started crumbling down when students from a nearby Catholic school were also invited to join the biology club’s sessions, and an enraged parent complained. Following the complaint, the school district opened an investigation, and the biology teacher left the high school shortly after.

The principal of Vajda János Secondary School defended the biology teacher saying that

they find it pedagogically acceptable if students, as part of their lesson, perform autopsy under the supervision of their teacher. They claim that the study group’s aims were to popularise science, to point out biological connections and to instruct students.

However, parents and the Association of Inked Animal Rescuers disagree. The parent who filed an official complaint thinks that it is unacceptable to expose young teenagers to such activities, especially students from a religious school.

Animal rescuers filed a police report, stating that this is a clear case of animal abuse.

The Association of Inked Animal Rescuers thinks that children should be taught about responsible animal housing instead. They see no educational potential whatsoever in any of the activities students performed during the biology study.

It is not known whether the school had a legal permit to perform the autopsy on animals within an educational context.


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