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A teacher above 30 had a sexual affair with one of her 15-year-old students in Kadarkút, according to Somonline. Another boy made a video footage of their intercourse. Some other students from the school claimed that the affair between the teacher and the teenager had been going on since March. She was teaching in a primary school, but also gave lectures in the high school.

She had been married multiple times, becoming a widow after her most recent engagement. She was living alone when the relationship began.

One of the boy’s friends made a video record of one of their sexual get-togethers in a house. The reason why the other boy was present is unknown. The footage was taken by the police. The students were told that the teacher quit, but they figured out that she was actually fired. The boy, however, still attends the same high school. His fellow classmates claimed that there is nothing special about him since the affair, he studies as usual. The whole school is wondering about this strange situation.

Some other students stated that they knew about the affair. They did not intend to tell the details, but they were aware of the forbidden relationship. The school did not want to comment on the events. The rumors suggest that the boy told the teacher that he is only willing to dance in a ball with the girl arranged for him if the teacher gave him a kiss. Later, they arranged a meeting, when the boy asked for more, and the relationship began.

Some sources claim that she had sexual affairs with other teenage boys as well.

Index tried to call the headmaster and ask about the teacher, but the call was hung up after the introduction. They could not find the teacher at home, either. The school removed her after the scandal. She has not been seen in Kadarkút since then and she deleted herself from social networks. The question of responsibility is still arguable (sexual harassment is a controversial topic in Hungary anyway).

The Police Department of Kaposvár is running an investigation in her case. Zsuzsanna Bakó media spokeswoman stated that the investigation is in progress indeed, but they must not give any information to avoid hindering the inquiry.

Source: Somonline,

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