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Everyone has an aching desire for exploring the whole world, but many times, it is impossible to support our dreams with enough money and time. There are so many attractive destinations that we are unable to choose one. In many cases, instead of travelling, we like to observe beautiful holiday destinations through magnificent pictures. But where do we find these posts, pictures, and videos?

UtazóBázis collected 15+1 Hungarian Instagram profiles you need to follow if you are addicted to travelling. These profiles are mostly influencers’ or just people who consider travelling as a hobby, but some of them need to travel all the time because of their work.

Let us have a look at these Instagram profiles as maps: where do Hungarians like to travel?


Péter Szűcs is a Hungarian journalist and blogger. Among his beautiful pictures, we can find several recommendations and some guidance about destinations abroad.


  1. Andiistraveling

Andi is not only a classic traveller but works on a cruise ship. She posts pictures from magical places and shares her experiences about working on a ship.



She is the most famous Hungarian traveller who needs no introduction. She is also a big fan of cats.


  1. Whatifwetry

Tristana and Damian, a Hungarian-French couple. Besides beautiful pictures, they also share important information about how to start planning your journey.


  1. Szelia

Cecília lives in Milan. If you would like to learn more about Italy, follow her profile.


  1. Work_save_travel_repeat

This couple just got married in the upper countryside. They explore rare places and have a unique goal in life: travel with the lowest budget you can ever imagine, including places which are not considered to be cheap.



Bori Backpacker is the coolest Hungarian traveller of all time. Her personality is also extremely lovable.


András Csapó mostly travels to South-East Asia. He also introduces those parts of this area which are not common tourist destinations. He also shares a lot of funny stories about his experiences.


  1. Mind the map

Melinda Egyed is a hobby photographer whose passion is, of course, travelling. Her favourite destinations are shores and mountains. Her pictures are out of the ordinary because they always have something special which grabs our attention immediately.


  1. Fanni Gáspár

She has travelled almost everywhere in the world and shares a lot of interesting facts about what it is like to travel around the world alone as a young woman.


  1. Hunglobetrotters

Ivett Hegedűs’s aim is to travel to destinations she has not been to just yet. She also travels to destinations which are not popular among tourists, like Central Asia.


  1. Zsolt Wiezner

He is a young man from Pécs who is addicted to hiking.


  1. Élj határok nélkül (would be translated as ‘Live without limits’)

Bence Élő, who recently returned from the USA, has a vlog site where he shows how to make a living in Las Vegas without almost any money.


  1. edinaafoxx

She is a young girl who lives in Switzerland. Her pictures are also unique and magnificent.


  1. Tellus_travellus

László Simon has been to 29 countries so far. His vlogs and Instagram profile are like an online travelling catalogue. It is definitely worth checking out.


15+1 Utazóbázis

This Hungarian site also has an Instagram profile where you can see amazing pictures. They also share other travellers’ pictures. If you would like to see a magnificent collection of different photographs, follow this profile.


So, where are you planning to spend your summer holiday?


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