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How we consume media has fundamentally changed within the last couple of years. YouTube has become as influential (if not more) as television. YouTubers are the newest types of entertainers (and celebrities) whose videos manage to capture millions of people every day. Let’s see what they have to say about Budapest.

If you are not familiar, a vlog is something resembling a diary entry, only it is a film. Most of the time it has the same structure: people (the vloggers) carrying the camera with themselves for a given period of time, filming everywhere they go and everything they do. They often talk directly to the camera to give explanations, discuss opinions or even ask questions from their fans.

Vlogging is a frequently used form of capturing precious moments: like travelling. Travel vlogging is a whole separate category within vlogging. The name kind of speaks for itself; people travel to a bunch of places and film their adventures there: what they eat, where they go, which sights they see, etc.

Let’s check out the most well-known people on YouTube coming here to our small country, to visit our quite famous capital: Budapest.

PewDiePie – the king of YouTube

Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known as PewDiePie, is the YouTuber who has the highest number of subscribers on his channel: 71 million! It comes as no surprise that his vlog about Budapest is the one with the most views. As Daily News Hungary have reported, Felix visited Budapest this summer with his (also YouTuber) girlfriend, Marzia. They visited, among others, Buda Castle, used the funicular, walked along the banks of the Danube and the Great Market Hall.

His girlfriend, Marzia, also made a video about their trip to Budapest. It is really nice to see two such different styles capturing the same vacation.

Samuel and Audrey

Vlogger couple Samuel and Audrey show you 25 things to do if you are visiting Budapest. So, do you agree with their picks? What are your 25 must-visit places in Budapest?


Alex and Marko live to travel. Their journey of cultural and culinary discovery takes the viewers to some of the most interesting places in the world; like Budapest.

Sejal Kumar

Budapest was the last episode of her ‘Backpacking in Europe’ series.  She travelled solo for about a month across Europe.

Travelling Weasels

Meet The Vloggers

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