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PewDiePie, the well-known Swedish Youtube vlogger has spent his vacation in Budapest with his wife, as Szeretlekmagyarorszá reports.

“I SLAV AND LOST”: this is the name of PewDiePie’s recent video that he recorded in Budapest and published on his channel. Hopefully, by this title, he did not mean that Hungarians are of Slavic origins, which is an entirely false statement.

Watch the video here:

The famous Youtuber spent his holiday in Budapest during the weekend of the National Holiday, 20 August. We have written about the importance of the historical holiday here.

The 3,3 million people who already watched the video could get a grasp on the main sights and best programs in Budapest.

PewDiePie and Marzia visited the main tourist attractions: the area of the Parliament, where they found the guards to be spectacular; the Buda Castle, using the funicular and the inner city as they were accommodated in Four Seasons.

The couple also visited the Budapest Eye and Gellért Bath and posted about their stay in Budapest on Instagram, too:

Blog post about Budapest + vlog’s preview up now on IG TV! ?

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Although the video is more or less aiming at introducing sponsored drones, it perfectly captures some of the main things Hungarians and tourists adore in Budapest, such as the fantastic views and the historic, beautiful buildings.

Only those can recognise the short scenes who have already visited Budapest, but the video also works as a teaser for those who have not been here yet.

PewDiePie’s wife, Marzia also posted a video about their stay in Budapest. From this, we can get a more accurate picture of what the couple has been doing in the capital. Marzia was amazed by the Budapest Eye and the view over the city, as well as the atmosphere that the Great Market Hall had to offer.

She took several shots of their rose-shaped ice-cream at Gelarto Rosa near St Stephen’s Basilica, which Guardian has also added to their list of the best ice cream parlours recently.

Take a look at her video here:

Recently, some other celebrities have also set foot in Budapest, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator or Will Smith during the shooting of his new film.

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Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszá

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