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Based on Guardian readers’ travel tips, the Hungarian ice-cream parlour Gelarto Rosa has ranked among the bests in Europe, as Szeretlekmagyarorszá reports.

Unusual flavours, fresh and fruity taste, ice-cream scooped into rose petals: this is Gelarto Rosa, situated at the corner of St Stephen’s Basilica square. It seems that the tourist-friendly atmosphere and service that welcome customers into the shop really have paid off, as it were tourists who recommended the extraordinary ice-cream roses to the Guardian.

We have also included the confectionery in our recent ice-cream guide to Budapest.

According to Guardian, the famous rose-shaped ice-creams are available in “delicious and inventive flavors”, completely worth it for £1.40 for two flavors, £1.90 for four flavors.

Niki Szökrön, the founder of the company, was trained in Bologna, Italy, at the Carpigiani Gelato University. She then got the idea of petal ice-cream during her internship at a small family-run parlour, which gave her the last boost to start her own business.

Gelarto Rosa’s ice-creams are extraordinary for several reasons. They are not your regular scoop of ice-cream, but a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing creation formed into rose petals. Also, it is no wonder that the flavours taste truly authentic: Gelarto Rosa uses only organic ingredients, seasonal fruits and the ice-cream does not contain emulsifiers, hydrogenated vegetable fat, or palm oil.

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The store has numerous remarkable flavours to offer to curious customers: vanilla, chocolate, lavender, white chocolate is always on the menu. We would encourage both tourists and local inhabitants to seize the opportunity and try seasonal flavours such as pumpkin or brown bread whiskey. The ice-cream shop also offers weird seasonal flavours that more adventurous gastronomy and ice-cream fans will want to try, like the wasabi hazelnut flavoured ice-cream.

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Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszá, The Guardian

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