The temperature is above 15 Celsius, so it is officially ice cream season. reported on what kind of new, weird and exciting ice cream flavours are to be expected in Hungary this summer. András Gangel, the product developer from M-Gel Hungary, shared insider information on the matter.

M-Gel Hungary Ltd. is a company that manufactures and trades ingredients for the confectionery, bakery and ice cream industry. The Hungarian company was established in 1980. András Gangel told that besides the standard beloved flavours, customers usually expect to see an extreme, even shocking flavour that they have never heard of before. He also emphasised the importance of keeping up with international trends and coming up with new flavours.

The newest ice cream flavours you are likely to stumble across this season are: popcorn, bolero, the traditional Hungarian dessert called máglyarakás and probably the most unusual: red cabbage and horseradish cream.

Caramel popcorn is an interesting flavour that is not so extreme, neither is the bolero one, which is basically a mixture of all kinds of red berries. Every Hungarian knows the traditional Hungarian dessert, máglyarakás, which is a kind of jam pudding dessert made from bread, apples and jam.

The weirdest flavour is definitely the red cabbage with horseradish one. White cabbage was chosen as an ingredient because it is a healthy vegetable that is not usually used for desserts. However, it did not have a complex enough taste to it, so it was mixed with horseradish which resulted in an almost sweet, creamy vegetable taste. To make it even more extreme and shocking, they added the red cabbage to perfect the taste and colour combinations.

Besides the crazy and weird flavours, customers will be likely to get a selection of ice creams that fit into certain diets. These are the so-called “free from everything” type of ice creams which are gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free. There will be reduced-calorie and sugar-free options as well.



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