The Hungarian-devised popcorn spiced up with caramel syrup has just won two international awards, reports online daily Origo. The snack is now available in more than 23 countries, including Thailand and Israel.

Hungarian snack company Mogyi’s newest product, the Caramoon, is an international success, having performed well at two international expos on two different continents. The caramel popcorn won the Best Snack Innovation award at the Yummex Expo in Dubai in September, and won the Best Snack award in Paris just a couple of days ago.

Caramoon’s basic ingredient is a special type of corn, which pops into a globe shape naturally, thus it can be coated evenly in the butter caramel syrup.

Although the salty-sweet combination might sound strange in Hungary, the idea was greatly rewarded abroad.

Mogyi is considered to be one of the biggest popcorn manufacturers in Europe, employing almost five thousand employees, and cooperating with 165 growers. They even sow their own corn seeds.

Mogyi recommends the caramel syrup coated popcorn to be consumed with coffee, hot chocolate or dessert wine.



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