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Will Smith is feeling quite at home during the shooting of his new film Gemini Man in Budapest. Recently, he has visited the Frida Kahlo exhibition in the Hungarian National Museum, as Kulturtapas.hu reports.

Fans should watch out as they might get a chance to meet Will Smith, who is spending a couple of weeks in Budapest due to the shooting of his new movie. The film called Gemini Man will allegedly be about a just retiring hitman who is attacked by his younger, cloned version of himself. Besides Gemini Man, Will Smith was part of the crew of the 2018 World Football Cup anthem, also shot in Budapest.

However, shooting is not the only thing that the actor enjoys doing in Budapest: he published numerous social media posts about how he was having a great time in Budapest.

He celebrated Father’s Day with a cool, slow-motion video at Liberty Square, in front of Chain Bridge.

Last time, he performed the ’In My Feelings’ song challenge originally started by Drake and The Shiggy Show on the top of the Chain Bridge, illegally! Take a look at the video in our recent post about the happenings.

This time, he encourages fans to visit the Frida Kahlo exhibition, which is currently taking place in Budapest. The exhibition was opened marking her 111th birthday in the Hungarian National Museum and visitors can take a look at sound and pictorial installations from the artist’s diaries.

We have also written about Frida Kahlo’s Hungarian lover, Miklós Muray, an American-born Hungarian photographer.

Featured image: https://www.instagram.com/willsmith/

Source: Kulturtapas.hu

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