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Will Smith on set in Budapest. Photo: https://rtl.hu/rtlklub/fokusz/exkluziv-felvetelek-a-budapesten-forgato-will-smith-rol

A Hungarian channel managed to capture the celebrity on the set of his new film called Gemini Man on Szabadság tér (Liberty square), index.hu reports.

Smith is going to be around for a couple of weeks, so fans should watch out because anybody has a chance to encounter with the star. On Pentecost Monday, the actor ate out in a Lebanese restaurant where he even took a photo with the staff.


Gemini man will roll for 3 weeks in Budapest, but as studio shooting follows afterwards, Smith is staying for quite some time. RTL Klub managed to capture the actor on set, and the footage can be found here.

The film is directed by Ang Lee, two times Oscar-winner known for films like Brokeback Mountain and Pi’s Life. The sci-fi action film is thus a new genre for him, which makes it a project to look forward to.

According to Variety, the film is about an aging hitman who is about to retire, but is attacked by someone who turns out to be a younger, cloned version of himself.

The fact that it is scheduled to be released in October 2019 signals that it is made for next year’s award season.  Smith is accompanied in the cast by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Clive Owen.

Featured image: RTL Klub 

Source: index.hu

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