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Will Smith celebrated his stay in Hungary by climbing up to the top of the Chain Bridge and filming a video. According to szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, this happened on the last day the singer-actor spent in Budapest, making his stay in Hungary absolutely memorable.

Will Smith in Budapest

Will Smith spent months shooting his new movie in Budapest. Besides working, he made sure to really get to know the city and all the main tourist attractions. He shot some pictures on top of the Opera, visited restaurants and appeared in the video shot for the FIFA World Cup alongside some Hungarians.

However, now the shooting of his new movie has come to an end and the actor is leaving the Hungarian capital.

As a goodbye, though, he climbed on top of the Chain Bridge and shot a video dancing for the #InMyFeelings Instagram challenge.

The challenge was started by Drake and The Shiggy Show and its point is to dance to the ‘In My Feelings’ song in the weirdest and most peculiar situations and locations.

Was he allowed to climb the Chain Bridge?

Although the video was very popular in both the Hungarian media and worldwide, the question arises how legal the whole action was. Certain people are allowed to climb the Chain Bridge, according to index.hu.

In fact, Eddie Murphy shot some scenes on top of the bridge some time ago. It is mostly film crews and professional photographers who get the permit, though.

They are thoroughly screened as well, usually, those get to go who have already done something impressive or are working on a special project, so think twice before putting all the effort into writing for the permit.

It is rather dangerous to go on top of the bridge. Apart from the obvious risks of falling down and dying, it should be noted that the wind is unexpectedly strong there, making it more difficult to stay upright. Falling down can obviously cause death, multiple deaths if you land on someone or a serious traffic accident if you land on a car. Even dropping a water bottle can cause serious troubles, that is why, officially, it is required that a person with a permit and the appropriate security gear is up there at all times with any crew, so that all accidents can be avoided.

What to do to get the permit

There are three steps to take before you can go on top of the bridge:

  1. Ask for a permit from the capital and the Budapest Transport Centre.
  2. Make sure there is an official person responsible for security with you.
  3. After procuring all the necessary permits, János Fazekas, the caretaker of the bridge, will assist the group to the top of the bridge.
Hungary Budapest tourism success visit
The Chain Bridge /Bódis Krisztián / Budapest Images – facebook.com/pg/budapestimages/

János Fazekas is also the one responsible for making sure the police, the ambulance, the firemen and the water police know about the action so that they will know how to respond when people call in about the group of people walking on top of the bridge, possibly planning suicide.

Will Smith’s case

However, Will Smith did not ask for a permit. This baffles Szebasztián Huber from the Budapest Transport Centre, as they probably would have been allowed the permit, especially since it all took place in the early morning when traffic is light. This way, his antics was dangerous and rather irresponsible, sending the wrong message for his young followers.

It is easy to climb to a certain point of the bridge, after that, there is a locked door, so people without a permit supposedly cannot go further.

However, Smith and his crew obviously managed, leaving us to assume they picked the lock.

Someone was recording Smith on top of the Bridge as well as from the ground, and they also presumably used a special drone that would be able to battle with the strong wind on top of the bridge. For this, they should have got a permit 30 days in advance, according to the somewhat ridiculous Hungarian regulations.

movie actor celebrity
Photo: facebook.com/WillSmith

The video was uploaded to Smith’s Instagram page and viewed by over 8 million people. However, due to the  far reach of shares, an estimated 10 million people most probably saw it.

Since the bridge has cameras all along, the police were probably the first to see the action.

However, they did nothing to stop it, probably unlike in any other case not involving a superstar. A regular person could have been charged with causing danger to the public as well as to the traffic. The police were asked whether they noticed the incident and if those involved will be fined or prosecuted. Nevertheless, their statement about the incident was that

“The bridge is free for pedestrian use, so spending time there, sitting around or trying to climb up is not a crime, as long as the intention is not to incite fear or indignation.”

It is best to beware, though, as it is still the police who decide what counts as causing fear or indignation. Unless you are a Hollywood superstar, it is probably safer to stay on the ground.

If you have not seen it already, make sure to check out the video Will Smith made on Father’s Day.

Featured image: instagram.com/p/BkI7d_9j2MY/

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, index.hu

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  1. How dare he think he can come to another country and violate their rules because he’s an American pop star. And I’m an American. Him and his whole crew should’ve been detained or arrested.

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