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17-year-old Hungarian beauty won this year’s Anna Ball

17-year-old Hungarian beauty won this year’s Anna Ball writes that the 17-year-old Villő Kriveczky from Szeged was chosen as the most beautiful girl at the 191st Anna Ball in Balatonfüred last Saturday night. The 18-year-old Csenge Gorosics from Szigetvár finished as the first runner-up, while the 18-year-old Fanni Káplár from Balatonfüred became the second runner-up.

Balatonfüred, 2016. július 23. Kriveczky Villõ, a 191. balatonfüredi Anna-bál szépségkirálynõje Balatonfüreden 2016. július 24-én. MTI Fotó: Bodnár Boglárka

The Anna Ball was held in the halls and garden of the Anna Grand Hotel, Balatonfüred. The jury chose the most beautiful girls out of the 15 competitors who got the most votes from the audience. All of the girls were debutantes.

The first Anna Ball was organised by Fülöp János Szentgyörgyi Horváth in 1825 in honour of his daughter, Anna-Krisztina. After the first year, the Anna Ball was always held on the Saturday closest to Anna nameday and it became one of the most illustrious balls of Hungary, where the greatest artists and politicians met every summer. Regular guests included historic names like Mór Jókai, Lujza Blaha and Mihály Vörösmarty.


After WWI, Anna Balls lost some of their importance and the tradition continued in silence between the two World Wars. The importance of the event was revivified in the 1950s. Since then, the queen of the ball is gifted with Eris’s golden apple, while the two runner-ups get Herendi vases, more exactly: the winner gets a Victoria design porcelain vase, the first runner-up gets a Rotschild designed one and the second runner-up gets an Apponyi pattern vase.

Balatonfüred, 2016. július 24. A szegedi Kriveczky Villõ (k), miután megválasztották a 191. Anna-bál szépévé a balatonfüredi Anna Grand Hotelben 2016. július 24-én. Mellette elsõ udvarhölgye, a szigetvári Gorosics Csenge (j) és második udvarhölgye, a balatonfüredi Káplár Fanni. MTI Fotó: Bodnár Boglárka

Photos: MTI

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