Budapest, 2017. október 23. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök beszédet mond az 1956-os forradalom és szabadságharc emléknapján tartott állami ünnepségen a Terror Háza Múzeum elõtt 2017. október 23-án. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás

“If freedom and national independence are lost, then so are we,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at a state commemoration of Hungary’s anti-Soviet uprising of 1956 in front of Budapest’s House of Terror Museum on Monday. 

“Soviet rule tossed us into a space without history; it wanted to destroy our past and our culture,” Orbán said.

The prime minister said “national remembrance” was the “strongest weapon” that could prevent a repeat of the physical and intellectual terror Hungary was subjected to under Soviet rule.

Orbán said the House of Terror Museum which opened in 2002 was a reminder to the world that Hungarians’ desire for freedom could not be stifled.

Concerning the failed anti-Soviet revolution, Orbán said that western Europe “may have admired but could not understand” those developments.

“They failed to understand that we insist on our culture and way of life to the end, that we would not mix up in anybody else’s melting pot”. “We want them to respect who and what we are,” the prime minister went on to say.

“We are a brave and fighting nation, and know that those that are not respected will be despised,”

he said, and added that “they do not understand us in Brussels now because they could not understand Hungary in those days either”.

The prime minister also said that Europe had derailed to find itself heading towards a dead end, adding that the EU and many of the bloc’s member states “are being held hostage by a financial speculator empire”.

In the 20th century, trouble came in the form of “militant empires”, he said. Today, empires are rising in the shadow of globalisation, Orbán added.

“They have no borders, but have a global media network, as they also have tens of thousands of people paid to serve them. They act fast, they are strong and brutal,” the prime minister said.

“Now, three decades later, everything we consider the Hungarian way of life is under threat again,” he said.

“After achieving freedom in 1990, we have again come to a turning point in our country’s history,” Orbán said.

“What we want is a secure, fair, bourgeois, Christian, and free Europe,” the prime minister said. 

Orbán said that all elections in Europe were now of “crucial” importance, and insisted that now was the time for Europe’s peoples to decide “if they take political control back over their national causes from European bureaucrats closely linked to the business elite”. “Many may still think that it is impossible,” he said, but added that in 1956, in 1988 and before 2010 people did not believe in the possibility of change, either.

In front of House of Terror Museum, photo: MTI

“We wanted to believe that the old woes could not return,” Orbán said. “We wanted to believe that the communists’ dream to turn us into Homo Sovieticus could never re-emerge.”

“But now we are stunned to see the forces of globalisation prying at the door working to mold us from Hungarians into Homo Brusselicus,” Orbán added.

On the subject of migration, the prime minister said that the “financial speculator empire” had brought the “invasion of new immigrants” onto Europe. It was they who had put together the plan to transform Europe into a “mixed continent”, he insisted.

Orbán said central Europe would be at the focus of the struggle for the future of Europe, arguing that this was a “migrant-free zone” within the continent.

“Until Brussels wins back its sovereignty, Europe’s steering wheel cannot be turned in the right direction,” he said.

Orbán said that all elections in Europe were now of “crucial” importance, and insisted that now was the time for Europe’s peoples to decide “if they take political control back over their national causes from European bureaucrats closely linked to business elites”. “Many may still think that it is impossible,” he said, but added that in 1956, in 1988 and before 2010 people did not believe in the possibility of change, either.

Orbán insisted that “migration can be stopped, globalisation can be kept under control, Brussels could be reined in and the plans of a financial speculator could be thwarted”, but added that central Europe’s “Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Romanians, and Hungarians need to join together”.

“The stakes are high; we cannot take anything lightly,” Orbán said. “We must never underestimate the power of the dark side,” he added.

Concerning Hungary’s general election next spring, Orbán voiced confidence that his Fidesz party stood a good chance of winning the vote. He said, however, that “every voter will be needed” for an election victory.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

  1. Vive La Hungary !
    Hungarians I do hope you see yourselves very well served by a Prime Minister such as Viktor Orban, and I say this, regrettably not as a Hungarian person ! You have an exceptional leader whose words above convey to me, and we should read them often !!, it shows the stature of a patriotic Statesman of Hungary’s past !!
    Europe, indeed the world, is navigating thru turbulent waters at this time, and sound leadership and navigation are our best hope and Hungary has that chance with Orban Viktor !!

    John H. Morton.

  2. EU countries will not get more money if unlimited numbers of migrants are not allowed. Now the EU has officially begun converting the 10 points plan of George Soros/Schwartz, which forces all Member States to accept unlimited Muslim immigration and the associated islamization of our society and annually with tens of billions of euros to finance. A few days ago, the Commission for Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament (LIBE) decided by a large majority to take the next step in abolishing the right of self-determination of the original Europeans. The Dublin Treaty, which has already been massively genuinely abolished, and Member States that refuse to include unlimited numbers of Moslimmigrants, denies access to EU funds. Between now and 2020, the islamization of our continent is thus accelerated, regardless of what its citizens think. The greatest resistance, as always, is from Hungary, one of the last protectors of our freedom and democracy. The gun is not only sharp, but is also loaded: in the future, a permanent and legally binding distribution system of migrants without upper limit will be introduced in Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán responded. It is true, we are at the heart of our national sovereignty, but so far we have been successful. We are always the only ones who can live on Hungarian territory and who not. But the attack on our sovereignty, which the EU parliament has now opened, is bitter than all previous fights.
    Obligatory and without upper limit migrants
    The decision of the LIBE Committee will be officially adopted by the Assembly in November 2017 in Strasbourg. In a transition period of 3 years:
    * Eliminates the rule that the country in which a migrant arrives must handle the asylum application;
    * May choose any migrant between 4 countries, which up to now have included the least number of mi grants;
    * Immediate asylum seekers who already have family or ‘other relationships’ in an EU state, intended to promote integration;
    * requires a Member State to incorporate a migrant who has ever studied, or has been there for a longer period, to be permanently admitted;
    * The asylum application of migrants is no longer only assessed individually, but in groups of up to 30 people. With this, the parliament wants to prevent a migrant from feeling ‘alone’;
    * All EU countries are obliged to include and ensure asylum seekers without upper limit
    * Member States who refuse to cooperate with these new rules will deny access to EU funds.
    The deputies of the Christian Democratic EPP, the Social Democratic S & D, the Liberals Alde, the Greens / EFA and the united left-wing GUE / NGL took the forced immigration / islamization plan by 43 to 16 votes.
    EU begins implementing Soros’ mass immigration plan
    The regular media in Holland did not want to inform you and me about the definitive lifting of our own right of self-determination by the EU. On the other hand, Hungary and the other Eastern European Visegrad countries are accredited by them because they refuse to bow to the destruction plan of independent European countries and their cultures drawn up by multibillionair and globalist George Soros/Schwartz. Premier Orbán regularly points to Soros 10 points plan which was publiced by himself, but the mainstream media falsely refers to a ‘conspiracy theory’ or ‘fake news’. One of the 10 points of this plan is that the EU must include at least 1 million migrants annually and have to pay an additional $ 15,000 for each migrant to help him/her start a new life. The astronomical sums of tax money required for this need to be funded with new debts. In addition, the EU has to spend up to € 10 billion annually for the 4 million refugees living in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. The other required € 10 billion must come from America and the rest of the world, but not from Soros, the devil himself. Migrants must now come safe here and no longer have to make the dangerous crossing over the Mediterranean. According to Soros, the Hungarian initiative to preserve the protection of its own borders and security of its own people must immediately be punished for ‘threatening to eradicate the EU’. In short, the EU must officially accept unlimited numbers of Muslim immigrants. What kind of mandate do you have Mr. Soros? Who do you think to represent as an American citizen?

  3. Everybody seems to forget and even Orban fails to mention the relevant Hungarian history: Centuries of unchecked immigration of Romanians, Serbs, Croats (from the Muslim/Turkish oppressed areas) and Czechs (from the German oppressed areas), who refused to assimilate into Hungary divided up Hungary after WW1 and took nearly 80%(!!) of the original Hungarian lands for their own countries. Google the Trianon ‘Peace’ Treaty. Look at that map. Compare it to any map of Hungary prior to 1918.

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