Hercegszántó, 2017. december 24. Gépjármûvel járõröznek magyar katonák a magyar-szerb határon, Hercegszántó közelében 2017. december 24-én. MTI Fotó: Sóki Tamás

The year ahead will be a critical one in terms of security, György Bakondi, the PM’s chief security advisor told a press conference on Friday.

While the security situation in Hungary improved over the course of 2017, it gradually deteriorated throughout the rest of Europe, Bakondi insisted, citing criminal and terrorist acts carried out on the continent.

Bakondi said that the European Commission wanted to write its rules on the redistribution of migrants among member states without an upper limit into legislation by the summer.

The continent’s migrant situation affects Europeans’ sense of security, along with their political positions, as evidenced by last year’s election results, he said.

Looking back it can be said that Hungary’s analysis of the migrant situation was correct and realistic, as were the measures implemented by the government, Bakondi said. The procedures undertaken by Hungary were lawful and the law enforcement developments necessary, he added.

As we wrote yesterday, the European Commission is applying double standards by singling out the refusal to implement European Union refugee quotas by three member states, a government official said. (Read more HERE.)

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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