The new hotels and the investments of the previous years have raised the number of hotel rooms in the city to over 19,000. Due to the increasing number of weekend holidays and the sporting events of the near future, a need for another 2,000 hotel rooms will arise by 2018, writes.

According to the data of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, in the first 10 months of 2016, tourists spent 7,084,000 nights in Hungary, which signifies a 14.3% increase in the number of tourists and a 10% increase in the income coming from accommodation industry.

If this increase persists, 2,000 more hotel rooms will be needed by 2018, which could mean as many as 24-25 new hotels in the capital, where 40% of the guest nights are spent.

Last year’s highest accommodation ratings published

Besides the increase in numbers, there has been a noticeable shift toward quality accommodations in the past few years. The biggest growth in the number of reservations could be observed in the case of 4-star hotels: 1.8% in 2016, compared to previous years.

The Eurostars Hotel Company, the hotel division of the Spanish Grupo Hotusa has opened a new, 101-room hotel in Budapest, which now belongs to the increasingly more sought after 4-star hotels of the city. The Exe Danube Budapest in Asbóth Street, in the heart of District 7, is the group’s second hotel in Hungary.

“Budapest is very important for us, because its tourism sector develops rapidly. If this development continues, we will examine other possibilities for investment in Hungary besides our two current hotels,’ says Amancio López Seijas, the head of Grupo Hotusa.


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