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25 young Roma to represent Hungary at Varna forum of Phiren Amenca

25 young Roma to represent Hungary at Varna forum of Phiren Amenca

Some 25 young Roma will represent Hungary at a social forum of the Budapest-based Phiren Amenca network of Roma and non-Roma volunteers to be held in Varna, Bulgaria as part of the European Youth Capital program series on August 24-30, the organisers said on Thursday.

The event will bring together 350 Roma and non-Roma young people from 15 European countries to promote critical thinking and the fight against anti-Roma sentiments that are spreading among extremists in Europe.

The participants will get a chance to meet European peers, young activists, and youth leaders and attend workshops and community events, they said.

They will organize 48-hour actions to focus on a variety of topics, such as Roma heroes, school segregation, forced evictions, as well as challenging stereotypes and racism through music, theatre, rhythm, graffiti or media.


Phiren Amenca first organised a similar event dubbed “So, keres Europa” (What’s up, Europe?) in 2015 which attracted more than 500 participants to Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), in western Romania, which bore the European Youth Capital title at the time.

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