The said, a wonderful 3D virtual tour of the Rákóczi Museum in Rodostó, Turkey can be reached at the following link:

Just follow the easy instructions to navigate through the museum. Tips: if you click the flashing icon in the image it takes you to another room of the museum.

Who was Rákóczi?

According to WIKIPEDIA: Ferenc (Francis) II Rákóczi (1676–1735) was a Hungarian noble, the wealthiest landlord in the Kingdom of Hungary, and Prince of Transylvania, who led the first uprising between 1703 and 1711 against Austrian repression of the Habsburg Monarchy. After having failed, he was forced into exile. He lived some years in Poland, then tried to find asylum in Britain and later in France without success. Rákóczi and his entourage finally landed in Gallipoli, Ottoman Empire in 1717 accepting an offer by Sultan Ahmet III (reigned 1703–1730), who sent a sailing ship to pick up them.[1] After living in Edirne and Istanbul, he settled then in 1720 in Tekirdağ (Hungarian: Rodostó) moving into a house, which was assigned to him and where he lived until his death on April 8, 1735.



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