According to, people have believed in invisible energies that enmesh the earth’s surface and form magnetic power, for millenniums. They built churches in some of these places and many became pilgrimage or excursion destinations. Hungary also has some locations that are believed to have healing powers.


Pilisszentkereszt lies 30 kilometres away from Budapest and it is a very popular hiking site due to its natural beauties. Moreover, its magnetic power relieves and spiritually refills many people. There is also a sacred well with has healing water, according to many people.

healing locations pilisszentkereszt

Dobogó Rock

This is one of the favourite destinations for esoteric people, as the Earth’s “heart chakra” can be found here at the Ferenczy Rock. It also has magnetic powers and many people claim that their diseases, issues were healed after visiting this location.

healing locations dobogókő


The place found in Mátraalja is one of the Mary Road’s stops. The glorified place offers a resting place to locals and pilgrims. Master sculptor Gábor Varga’s work of art can be seen in the centre of the backyard, which captures the moment of Saint Stephen offering the Holy Crown to Virgin Mary. Spending some time here will fill your soul with peace and calmness.

healing locations pálosvörösmart (tv eger)


Máriapócs can be found in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County and is most famous for its church, which has been attracting people willing to heal or be converted since the 17th century. The story and lacrimation of the Mary painting attracts millions ever year and many people swear to the healing power of the place.

healing locations máriapócs

Hegyestű Mountain

The mountain can be found on the northern coast of Lake Balaton, near Zánka, and is considered to be one of the most special locations with some kind of energy. Visitors always tell how they never got tired while hiking to the place, in fact, they feel much more full of energy and power, which has an effect on their later lives.


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