You do not have to wait until summer, because you can have fun at the shore of Balaton in the spring too. Many tourist spot tempt to explore the area. But the best is, if you connect hiking with visiting special places, where in addition to the attractions, you can learn interesting information on the place. offers you five nature trails where you can be surprise.

1. Kanyavar island, “Great Crested Grebe”nature trail

The nature trail is open all year around. It is 2 km-long and accessible in 1-1.5 hours. During the walking, you can learn the area in 15 stations. The signs show a typical group, coastal birds, songbirds, predators. You can also get to know a lot about bats and water activities related to the Little Lake Balaton. The symbol of the nature trail is the Great Crested Grebe, which is often seen there.

2. Dias island, “Egret” nature trail

You can find the Egret nature trail handed over in 2010 on Dias island, which is a specially protected area of the Little Balaton. It can only be looked with a professional guide, under the tour to the memorial of Istvan Fekete. a famous writer.

The stations present the local aquatic plants, bats, fishes, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. You can know what role the water buffalos had, what the “vejsze” and “dorongut” are, who helped to rescue the egret. At the Matula hut, you can read a portion of the letter of Istvan Fekete about what kind of fishes he caught.

3. Theodora Nature Trail

On the Theodora Nature Trail, you can learn about the geological, hydrological, zoological and botanical value of the Kali Basin. The road is 8 km long and is free throughout the year. The trail consists of 15 stations and presents the region’s natural resources and the origin of Theodora mineral water, said.

Theodora-Blue Rock Nature Trail

Theodora Blue Rock Nature Trail is the little sister of Theodora Nature Trail, you can visit since 2006. The 15-station walking guides you the secrets of the underground. On the 8 km-long trail, you can discover the traces of extinct volcanoes, you can climb the Kereki Hill or the Kopasz mountain and explore Szentbekkalla stonesea.

The Path of Time

The Path of Time connects Theodora Nature Trail with Theodora Blue Rock Nature Trail. Here you can learn about the different stages of the 4.6 billion-year history of the Earth. The road is 1.1 km-long and you can move 2 million years with every step.

4. The path of Grandfather Dormouse

The path of Grandfather Pele is located between Balatongyorok and Balatonederics. The 8.5 km-long path has 38 stations and it is highly recommended for children. Mr. Dormouse shows the natural values of the area’s forest habitats, while he is trying to make his grandchild a normal dormouse.

5. Kitaibel nature trail

Rare plant and animal species are waiting for you in the Somlo Hill, which stands out from the Marcal Basin. The place is famous for the ounce-flourishing Bronze Age-settlement and the thousand-year-old famous viticulture. In this wonderful place, Kitaibel nature trail was founded in 1993, which shows the sights of Somlo Nature Protection Area. The road is 3 km long and it has 9 stations.

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