No one wants to be a victim of home intrusion and theft.

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With over 3 million property crimes recorded every year, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the fear of burglary is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

More than just ransacking belongings and valuables, burglars can take away your sense of safety and security at home. A single incident of burglary can make your home feel unsafe. Perhaps replacing your door lock with any model in this updated list of 10 best deadbolt door locks can help bring back peace of mind –but this isn’t always enough. 

Securing door locks is just one of the many ways you need to do to protect your home. Knowing the facts about these crimes is vital to safeguard your home. Often than not, what we imagine burglary looks like doesn’t match reality making us unprepared for these attempts.

To better secure your home, we take a look at some surprising facts about home intrusions in the US.

Majority of burglaries occur in broad daylight

Contrary to what many people think, majority of burglaries happen in the morning noted a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice. Property crimes are more common on weekdays around 10-11 in the morning and 1-3 in the afternoon. 

Although breaking into a house in broad daylight sounds risky, burglars actually find it safer. During this time of the day, homeowners are either out of their homes or are too occupied on some things. Plus, since we mistakenly think that our homes are safer in the morning, we tend to be careless. Homeowners tend to be wary only at night making our homes vulnerable to burglary attacks in daylight. 

To avoid being victimized, make sure to always keep your doors locked even when you’re at home during the day, especially if you’re napping, working, or occupied with any task.

If you still don’t use deadbolt door locks, consider using one. This type of door locks is burglar-proof and offers better protection. 

Break-ins are common during summer months

The cases of break-ins peak during the summer months, with a notable increase of 10% between the months of June and August. The longer days tend to be ideal for burglars to plan and strike. Also, it’s quite difficult to carry out a heist during the freezing winter months. 

Always keep your guard up even during the summer months. Remember that the longer days mean more opportunities for burglars to attack. So, you have to be more vigilant at this time. Watch out for suspicious activities and continue to beef up your home security features. 

Property crimes are more common in rural areas than in urban centers

Some people think that since they live in rural states with a rather friendly neighborhood, they are less vulnerable to burglaries. But on the contrary, home intrusions are more common in rural areas as compared to metropolitan hubs. Police presence is more apparent in urban centers. Plus, there is better community security in these areas.

So, regardless of where you live, be sure to invest in a reliable home security to reduce risk and deter burglars. Even if your neighborhood has a relatively low incidence of crime, don’t be complacent.

Don’t let your guard down as burglars are just lurking around and looking for vulnerable targets.

This makes it important that you have a home fireproof safe or vaults in your room.

Bedrooms are the prime target of burglary

In a simulated study participated by professional burglars, they all headed straight to the bedroom bypassing the living areas. They pocketed cash and jewelry which were easily available in the bedrooms. Quite obviously, it’s easy to walk away with these valuables as compared to bulky electronics and stuff in the living room. 

This makes it important that you have safes or vaults in your room. Often, we tend to just leave our valuable in the bedroom thinking that they’re safe. Make it a habit to store high-value possessions in safe storage as soon as you get home. Precious heirlooms are also best stored in a safe at the bank. If you want to put them on display, be sure you make necessary security measures.

Property crimes are on a decline

In the US, property crime is noted every 23 seconds.

While that sounds alarming, the numbers have significantly been going down. According to the US Department of Justice, cases of burglary have dropped by almost 37 percent over the last ten years while property crimes are down by 69 percent over the last two decades. 

Security experts at Property Guard Master point out to the easy access, user-friendliness, and affordability of alarm systems to this decline. The availability of information also makes homeowners aware about how they can better secure and protect their homes.

Studies show that homes that invest in reliable home security features are less vulnerable to burglary. 

Is your home at risk? How secured is your home? What security measures do you have in place to prevent burglary? 

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