Fun pools, slides, playgrounds for children, thermal spas for adults: all of them can be found beyond the Danube. Unfortunately, most of these places are less known. Now we attempt to solve this problem.

Beach season is here, which means that the popular vacation spots fill up quickly. Now you can connect the experience of bathing with touring in Hungary, as Transdanubia has some gorgeous places to explore.

Not only the baths are fascinating, but also the environment. We recommend to the take on the “star tour” from Sopron or Kőszeg for those who long for some romantic hiking experiences. After a night in a quiet little town, you can just go for the tour. Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu collected five nice places to stop by for a bath.

  1. Balf

This area became part of Sopron in 1985. The environment still has a pleasant village atmosphere. It lies near Lake Fertő. The healing effects of the water has already been discovered and exploited by the ancient Romans.

In Balf, there are multiple types of thermal water. There is one with sulphur, which is recommended for the muscoskeletal system and neurological problems. If someone consumes it, it has different benefactors for digestion, the skeletal and nervous system.

A Kneipp type medicinal sector can also be found here. One may also try the treading pool or the Scottish shower. Jacuzzi, whirlpool and tub bath await visitors in the wellness area. For people with cardiovascular or heart disease, the tub bath with carbonic acid may prove to be beneficial, because it can decrease blood pressure and with added oils, and it might also have a relaxing effect.

  1. Hegykő

This settlement has a long history that goes back the founding of Hungary, and can be found near Lake Fertő. Now this village is famous for its spa.

Lots of dissolved materials can be found in the water from sulphur to sodium chloride, as it springs up from a depth of 1434 meters. This water helps with musculoskeletal diseases, rehabilitation, bone breaks, or muscle dislocation.

Also, it is not only useful in liquid state, as its steam alleviates respiratory illnesses. Moreover, it has advantages in the field of urology, dermatology and gynecology.

The spa has thermal pools, swimming pools, children’s pools, indoors resting pools and a wellness section.

  1. Szentgotthárd

St. Gotthard Spa & Wellness is filled with a Mediterranean atmosphere. Sauna and wellness sectors can be found in this spa. They did not forget about children: the younger ones can swim in shallow children’s pool with playing tools and animal figures.

For the grown-ups, the outdoors fun pool and the whirlpool provides leisure. But one of the greatest attractions is the Mediterranean pool, which is covered with a huge glass dome, surrounded by palm trees, and contains a wild river, a waterfall and a geyser.

Visitors who seek adventure should try the slides of different sizes, while those who just want to rest can visit the sauna park.

  1. Szombathely

This city is often called the “Queen of the West,” and not without a reason. The city, which has a bulk of sights and attractions to visit, also offers multiple opportunities to bathe, but Tófürdő might be the best choice in the summer.

It is ideal for families with several pools, playgrounds and a slide park. There are multiple swimming pools, learning pools, and also the greatest attraction: the adventure pool.  Lots of adventure elements can be found in the fun pool by those who set out to explore it.

The most tempting element might be the slide pool into which visitors can splash through four large slides.

The lake does not favor only swimmers but also those who want to row a boat or ride a paddleboat. Even a fountain sprinkles water perpetually in front of the terraces.

Children can have fun not only in the water but on the land as well. Rope ladders and slides await them in a wooden castle with nine towers. Watery playground and hill slides were also constructed for the younger children.

  1. Celldömölk

Vulkán Bath is situated at the bottom of the five million years old volcano of Mount Ság. It has eight pools of a large variety: one can find an indoors pool, a swimming pool, a learning pool, a sauna with a diving pool and a medicinal pool, as well. Children can try the slides, the children’s pool or the fun pool, while there is a whirlwind and hydro massage for the teenagers.

The thermal water contains a high amount of sodium bicarbonate, so it is mostly good for treating muscoskeletal problems. Treatments are held in the bath’s medicinal sector.

Besides wellness, visitors are also provided with massage, pedicure, manicure and hair-dressing.

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