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Everybody knows the French breakfast (croissant, marmalade, and coffee), the Vienna breakfast (hot dogs), or the American breakfast (pancakes with bacon), but not many people know what Hungarians usually have as the most important meal of the day. However, we have some favourites that all Hungarians have on a regular basis.

1. Kakaós csiga (cocoa rolls) with cold milk

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Most people rarely have time on weekday mornings to prepare a more time-consuming breakfast like eggs or pancakes. We need something simple that we can grab on our way out or eat relatively fast. This is usually a pastry. I believe that the ultimate go-to pastry in the morning for Hungarians is kakaós csiga (cocoa rolls). These delicious pastries are often accompanied by a cold glass of milk or a warm cup of coffee. You can always buy your rolls in your favourite breakfast spot in Budapest, but I would definitely recommend trying to make it yourself at least once. For a great recipe, click here.

2. Hungarian scrambled eggs

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To make the perfect Hungarian scrambled eggs, you will need onion and sausage besides your usual ingredients like eggs and butter. Chop a small onion and sauteé it in butter or vegetable oil. Scramble the eggs in a separate bowl, then pour it onto the onions. Cut small pieces of sausages and add them to the mixture as well. Once the eggs are not runny, all you need to do is sprinkle your finished product with some paprika, then you are done. A warm, hearty and delicious way to start a busy Sunday at home.

3. Hungarian cold plate

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This is the ultimate “a little bit of everything” breakfast. For this, you need a plate full of different Hungarian salami (if you are gourmet, world-famous Pick salami is the only option, really), sausages, and bacon. Have another plate full of seasonal vegetables and a basket full of fresh rolls or bread, and you can have the most satisfying breakfast ever.

4. Tepertőkrém (Greaves spread)

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Greaves spread is perfect for those mornings when you have “nothing” at home. A slice of bread and a gifted home-made greave spread from the back of the fridge can be a delicious and filling first meal of the day. A spread made from greaves might sound a little gross at first, but it actually contains a number of healthy ingredients that help protect our body and provide it with the necessary nutrients. Some say eating greaves (in the form of a spread, for example), is the key to not getting sick so often but also to have enough energy for our everyday lives. Making your own greaves spread is not that difficult, but it all depends on the greaves you use. Artisan greaves would be the best, without a bunch of additives. It is always important to make sure the ingredients you use are of good quality. For a great recipe, click here.

5. Körözött (Hungarian cottage cheese spread)

spread, paprika, körözött
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Another popular Hungarian spread that you can make at home is the körözött. Every household has their own version. It is up to you what kind of cottage cheese you want to use, how exactly you want to season the spread, and whether you would like to add a bit of sour cream, too. Once you find the recipe that works for you the best, however, you will be addicted for life.

+1 Pálinka

For the braver ones, I recommend a shot of quality hand-made palinka, which is the perfect companion to any breakfast you may choose. Highly recommended during flu season for a little boost for your immune system.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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