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The best breakfasts in Budapest for every day of the week

The best breakfasts in Budapest for every day of the week believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we should go all out when choosing day-starter food. Fortunately many people agree with the importance of breakfast in the capital city, so Budapest is full of amazing breakfast places. Here comes seven of the best for each day of the week, plus some exclusive options.

Monday – Cinnamon (1027 Budapest, Csalogány Street 21)

Buda’s newest breakfast place, Cinnamon opened a few weeks ago. It welcomes you with a friendly atmosphere, cosy interior design, freshly roasted coffee, homemade sandwiches and salads, delicious dessert, lemonades, wines and freshly squeezed juices. The menu includes meals like crispy Viennese sausage with homemade bread, croissant and cinnamon-apple doughnut, traditional eggy breakfasts and yoghurt + muesli + fresh fruits combinations that you can enjoy all day.


Tuesday – Szimply (1052 Budapest, Károly Boulevard 22)

Szimply, hiding in a silent gateway in downtown Budapest, is characterised by a versatile menu that is renewed every month and elaborated breakfast wonders. For instance, May was the month of almond French toast with black rhubarb, peanut-tomato sorbet and strawberries, and “Denis” eggs fried in buns with spinach, cheddar cheese, bacon and dill-garlic cucumber. The owners always think of people following vegan, vegetarian, gluten or sugar free diets so they also have special meals for them.


Wednesday – Amber’s French Bakery & Café (1056 Budapest, Fővám Square 5)

“Chansons, charm, courtesy, incredible ciabattas, baguettes, croissants, fantastic cakes, eclairs, tarts and a petit French feeling” – this is how the place found at Fővám Square advertises itself. And this is exactly what they offer: a taste of France. Among others, they have chocolate-pistachio cake, chicken-avocado baguette, “Croque Monsieur” ham toast and amazing coffees. It’s good to know that if you register for an Amber’s Friend card online, you get 10% off every meal.


Thursday – Zoska (1053 Budapest, Ferenczy István Street 28)

Zoska, found in the neighbourhood of Astoria, is a tiny island of peace in the capital city. They welcome you with great breakfasts all day long. Their repertoire is simple, but this is exactly what makes the place so magical. You can choose from French toast with sour cream, American pancakes, peach-caprese sandwich, tuna salad and dipping bowls. You can enjoy your breakfast with your pet in a comfortable armchair, on the terrace or among soft pillows on the window-seat.


Friday – fekete (1053 Budapest, Múzeum Boulevard 5)

There are still many people who don’t know that the 11 m2 espresso bar of the Museum Boulevard was expanded with a brew & food bar in 2015. Besides the new-wave coffees, you can try divine desserts and breakfasts on the inner yard of the cosy house. Their excellent quality coffee is almost unmatchable, while the minimalist and sustainable design and interior is definitely unbeatable. They welcome guest with fruit tarts, brownies, pancakes, omelettes, ham & eggs and other delicacies. Give it a try!


Saturday – Törökméz (1023 Budapest, Margit Street 27)

Törökméz (literally meaning honeycomb toffee) is a lovely spot on the Buda side of the city, which is known for its daily soups like forest fruit soup with curd cheese dumpling, fresh baked goods, homemade cakes and lemonades, freshly roasted coffee, ham and cheese plates and brunch. It’s a must-try in the breakfast life of Budapest.


Sunday – Sarki Fűszeres (1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi Road 53-55)

Even though the pride of Újlipótváros is kind of an odd one here, it is a beloved spot in the city. The iconic delicacy shop of Pozsonyi Road is the home of gourmet delicacies, breakfasts, coffees and wines. The place is quite small, but the hospitality is outstanding. As the saying goes: a lot of good people will find enough room even in a small place.


+Deluxe options for the weekend

Funzine’s list is absolutely fair, but we felt like we should add two more options, which are bit more exclusive, but perfect for special occasions.

Á la Maison Grand (1051 Budapest, Nádor Street 5)

This is another must-try breakfast place in the heart of Budapest. The French-style Á la Maison has everything you need for a perfect weekend starter. The selection might be overwhelming, but the cordial staff is more than happy to help you choose from the various toasts, classical egg-snacks, pancakes, waffles, coffees, sandwiches, short lunch break meals and long night dinner dishes.


Déryné Bistro (1013 Budapest, Krisztina Square 3)

Déryné has been a landmark bistro since its opening in 1914 by the famous confectioner Auguszt family. Found in an imposing environment, Déryné welcomes guests with an incredibly wide selection of meals and homemade delicacies. If you desire the ultimate brunch experience, make sure to visit one of the Sunday Bruch Parties, which start off with a glass of prosecco, after which you can choose from rich buttery brioche, divine omelettes, toasts and so on. It would be impossible to list the gastro wonders of Déryné, so you should check it out for yourself 🙂


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