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If you want to relax near a pond of water in this scorching heat but find lake Balaton to be too far away, then this list is just for you! pieced together a wonderful list which we are now giving to you without fail!

1: D-Beach, Domonvölgy:

Sandy beaches with an amusement park just 35km away from the capital: what else do you need? An ideal choice for families, tickets are discounted after 5 pm and are completely free for children under 3. Full price tickets are 1500 HUF on weekdays (4.5 euros) and 2000 HUF (6 euros) during the weekends 

2: Tófürdő, Gyömrő

Right at the doorstep of Budapest, Gyömrő is so close to the capital city there is basically no border between the two. Boasting a lake going up to 30 Celsius in warmth, it is a real deal for those who may not enjoy colder waters. You also have the chance to rent deckchairs and sunshades. A standard ticket costs 1200 HUF (3.5 euros) while entry is cheaper after 4 pm. Children under 3 can enter for free.

3: Lake Rukkel, Dunavarsány

A natural body of water with proper beaches just 30 km away from Budapest, Lake Rukkel is a fun destination for the entire family. Equipped with an entire water amusement park (including slides), you can get a daily ticket for 4500 HUF (14 euros) on all days except Monday when it is discounted to 3500 HUF (11 euros). And if you happen to go there while celebrating your birthday, it’s completely free!

4: Tóstrand, Veresegyháza

Malom-tó, or “Lake Mill” is a traditional destination for all those who want to spend a day by a cooling lake in a romantic setting. The beach has been in use since 1928 and rightly so: the picturesque landscape makes for an excellent refuge. Tickets cost 1000 HUF (3 euros) with discounts all around the place.

5: Beach at Kisoroszi

You want to make the absolute most of a drop in a pond? The beach at Sziget-csúcs is not exactly a beach, and the local government does not advise swimming here, but a number of people do nonetheless. And it’s all free!

6: Beach at Nagymaros

Another free beach in a lovely countryside town close to Budapest. The city of Nagymaros has a gorgeous city centre, so don’t forget to have lunch there before rushing to swim!

If you decide to spend time in Budapest in this heat, you can do so without melting by visiting the several outdoor bars and open-air concerts the city boasts this summer.


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