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Many students often wonder how to better their essay writing skills. It comes a s a problem for many when we talk about writing talk less of being a better writer. Writing is part of our everyday life and as a means of communication it is a way of expressing ones voice. People write to tell a story, narrate an event that happened or even give their own views about a particular subject.

In the academic field, from lower grade school to higher grades one cannot run away from writing as students are engaged in one form of writing or the other. The simplest form of storytelling or descriptive essays about themselves to some critical analysis thinking and explanation is usually required from students. Because of this, it is necessary for students to know the tips and tricks to write a better essay.

Although nowadays, technology has made life simpler, easy and it cuts across all areas of life including writing. Students nowadays resort to college essay writing services to help them in all their writing related problems. These online paper writing services have seasoned professionals in different fields that can help you in any field of writing. They add other forms of services such as proofreading, editing, research etc. For a reasonable price every student would want to save themselves the stress of staying overnights doing lots of research and gathering materials in order to write an essay.

Let us not forget that in exam conditions, the examiner still expects students to be able to express themselves in one form of writing or the other. This is where one needs to master the art of writing better essays. In order to earn a higher grade, you must be able to understand the question. Know the type of essay required by the examiner and be able to put a good write-up on paper. Here are 6 tips on how to write a better essay.

  1. Develop and build your vocabulary: Writing is basically the use of words to express one’s feelings or a means of communication. Developing and having a good vocabulary will allow you to express yourself clearly and concisely as possible. An accurate and advanced use of vocabulary is an effective way of communication. 

   Any good writer must know how to use words effectively to the amusement of readers. There are many ways one could easily develop his or her vocabulary. Reading a lot of literature texts, newspapers, magazines, articles and checking up words you don’t comprehend in the dictionary is an effective way to develop your vocabulary.

  1. Ensure you write clearly: A well written essay will even earn higher grades when it is presented in a clear and neat handwriting. Clarity comes as a result of clear revision and editing and these are the components of an excellent essay. Also while writing consider the structure of your essay. Has the argument been clearly stated in the introduction? Does each paragraph contain one main idea? Is there a logical flow of paragraphs from one to another? These are some of the questions that need to be answered in your essay writing.
  2. Read other people’s work: When you read books and written works, they subconsciously build your own writing style. The same goes for reading other people’s essays. A person that reads a lot of essays written by other writers on a variety of subjects, discipline and writing styles will possibly have more experience in ways to approach his/her writing. Newspapers are another great source that can improve one’s writing. Read people’s opinion and see how a writer supports their points with evidence. This will help you to greatly improve your writing skills.
  3. Understand your audience: The more you know about who will be reading your essay, the better it is. Consider the readers you expect to take a look at your work. If there are those that are experts on your topic then be sure that they have background knowledge about your essay. If there are total newbies then it means you will need to define your terms and provide a contextual meaning to them with examples.
  4. Provide credible support and references: A better essay must be supported with credible sources and references. Every idea stated should have valid sources to support them. This is obtained from searching related books. web pages and other references. Some questions to be answered include, is every evidence supported by references? Are all sources cited? Are citations of the proper format? When you provide answers to these questions then you are sure that your essay is on the right track.
  5. Edit and proofread your essay: After writing your essay, it is necessary to proofread and edit your essay. To check for grammatical errors and spelling errors. College essay writing services help to edit and proofread written work for a reasonable price. You can decide to contact them for more information.

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