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The world has been blessed with a swarm of technologically driven systems that will outperform traditional paper-based methods of doing things—why choose to be among the few left in this trail?

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While this rhetorical question might be more than a mere appeal to novelty, this question might not just cut it for some people who choose to believe that the way they have always done things is the right way. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer some compelling reasons why a time clock app is more efficient than old-fashioned paper time cards.

Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is the most obvious reason to invest in a time clock app. Buddy punching is a situation where an employee’s colleague tracks working hours instead of the actual employee meant to work.

What you may not have guessed is that, on average, thousands of dollars are lost due to buddy punching and the fraud it perpetrates on the employer. A time clock app can help to prevent this from happening as you can always locate your employees to ensure they are at work through a GPS location feature.

In addition to GPS tracking, other features to prevent buddy punching include facial recognition, which allows you to ensure an employee is only punching time for themselves by comparing their face to that of an image on file.

Only once identity is confirmed can they complete the punching process.

Job Tracking

The inaccuracy that is often encountered when dealing with paper-based systems is made very obvious when it comes to determining how long an employee has worked on a specific job or task. This is seen in the case of most businesses, medical consultants, and lawyers, whether they bill clients based on the amount of time that is spent on the job assigned to them.

Most timesheet management solutions allow you to create jobs or tasks, which employees are then able to punch into. You can then get the amount of time spent on a job or task for accurate billing or invoicing.

Payroll Reporting

Accurate tracking of the amount of time spent on a particular project or task means that employers are able to pay no more than is necessary and deserved for the employees. With a cloud-based time clock, accurate payroll reporting also ensures that common mistakes that ensue as a result of manual data entry on the paper time cards are avoided.


Running a business is like juggling balls. You need to have so much of your attention on many things at a time. A time clock app comes in handy in this area as it affords you the option of integrating the time schedules into other apps that you can forward to your employees’ emails or their phones.

When used with the right app, you can automatically import this data at your convenience rather than manual imputing, which takes longer and is harder to execute.

It Is Cheap (Cost-Benefit Analysis)

The most efficient time clock apps do not come free. But when using a cost-to-benefit analysis, you will find that ultimately, the amount of money that you may have to part with in purchasing a time clock app dwarfs the amount you stand to lose to employees buddy punching and other mistakes that may arise using paper time cards.


A spin-off from the time-tracking feature of the time keeper app is the fact that employers have a better grip on the scheduling of working hours and days for employees in a way that paper time cards cannot.

Most employers are not perfect at scheduling working hours for their employees, and the time attendance clock makes sure that this is not an issue because it has a unique interface that allows for easier and more informed scheduling data to make for the best scheduling practice for employees.

It Saves Time

As a business owner, It is crucial to understand that time is a currency just as much as money is. With the help of time tracking software, your business can save a lot of valuable time, energy and human resources (which is never guaranteed) to oversee an error-prone imputing of data.

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