If you’re not too shy, there are some great green, sunny areas in Budapest where you can lay out on your blanket and go for that darker skin tone or just enjoy the Hungarian lifestyle.

Don’t worry about sunbathing in parks or green zones, just think of British public parks or the Central Park. Take some water, a good book or quizzes with you and enjoy the sun.

Károlyi Garden


Erzsébet Square

This place is the middle of Budapest, but it’s still has a great green area with many young people. If you don’t have time to take a bigger trip, just have fun at Erzsébet Square.


Szent István (Saint Stephen) Park

It is the biggest and most popular park of Újlipótváros (13th district), which is also the favourite of families. Many people go there to walk, run, roller-skate, walk the dog or the baby and even sunbathe. Due to the closeness of the Danube the air is never muggy.

sunbathing szent istván park (kapanyel blog)

Feneketlen (Bottomless) Lake

Even though the 11th district lake contradicts its name with its 4-5 metres depth, it is a popular relaxing spot as its natural givens are excellent and it can be easily accessed. We can take a look at the ducks and turtles in the lake, play tennis or run in the park, but it is also great for sunbathing or – if patient enough – admiring the grey heron. Then you can continue your day at the Park Stage with amazing Balkan grill food.

sunbathing feneketlen tó (wikipedia9

Kopaszi Dam

This is probably the most popular sunbathing spot in Budapest as its location is so great and, if the weather is good, it is always sunny. Also, natural water is quite close so the air also moves somewhat in case of sultriness. If you’d like to picnic, you can immediately place food on your blanket.

sunbathing kopaszi dam

Orczy Garden

The 8th district’s park welcomes everyone desiring relaxation: it’s just five minutes away from the Nagyvárad Square. It is a good choice because, if you get bored of sunbathing, then you can go around the beautiful lake, or the also you can enjoy the garden’s flowers and trees.

sunbathing orczy kert (

Margaret Island

We are quite lucky to have such a beautiful island in the middle of the city, where you can choose from several outdoor activities. Dog owners love to take their dogs on a walk there and this is probably the most popular sunbathing spot in the city. You can hear people talking about how they go for a run and then stock up on vitamin D. You can easily find your favourite sunbathing spot on the island: many people like the extension under Margaret Bridge, while others prefer the meadows. And you can always huddle up in the shadows of the big trees if you get bored of the sun.


Népliget/People’s Park is the biggest public park in Budapest. This park covers an area of 110 hectares which is great, but you have to search for a nice place, the park is very abandoned.

Photos:,,ás-tó, Omszki-tó, Kopaszigát-HivatalosOldal

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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