Before stepping across the border, make sure that you’ve seen everything at home. In this article, we’ll try to prove that Hungary is full of amazing locations with a list put together by, which includes breath-taking places that you should definitely visit in 2017.

The quarry pond of Rudabánya – The bottomless wonder

The quarry pond has a depth of 60 metres, which makes it one of the deepest still waters of Hungary.


The waterfall of Ilona Valley – The falls of peace

This special, 10 metre tall waterfall can be found in the Mátra Mountains as part of the educational path along the Ilona Stream. The hiking trail starts from the Károlyi Castle at the eastern end of Parádfürdő and finishes at the waterfall.


The arboretum of Vácrátót – Where even your soul bursts into flower

Hungary’s biggest botanical garden guards the richest selection of flora. There are almost 13 thousand species on 27 hectares.


The botanical garden of Szeged – Sichuan ancient pine, water lilies, Indian lotuses

The 17 hectare garden welcomes visitors with different trees and plants. Among others, the place is the home of the oldest Sichuan ancient pine in Hungary, which is surrounded by a pond of beautiful water lilies and Indian lotuses.


Wenckheim Castle – A neo-renaissance and eclectic pearl

The castle, found in Szabadkígyós in Békés County, was built between 1875 and 1879 based on the plans of Miklós Ybl. The building is quite appealing in itself, but its beauty is intensified by the surrounding park, where a school functions today.


Bokod – The floating village

There is a village in Komárom-Esztergom County, which foreigners know better than Hungarians, even though it is the perfect example that we don’t have to leave the country to see something extraordinary.

Photo: Wiki Commons By Thaler Tamas

The salt hill of Egerszalók – Nature’s sense of humour in unmatched

The southern part of the settlement found in Heves County is gilded by a 120 square metre limestone crust, which grows every year, thus increasing the number of visitors as well.


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